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Iowa Methodist Medical Center

Serving Our Community Since 1901

From the time Iowa Methodist Hospital opened its doors in a red brick building January 16, 1901, affording beds for 30 patients, the center has expanded greatly. Its growth, in physical buildings, in services to an ever-enlarging community, in scientific and technological development, and as and educational center for those in health professions has paralleled the growth in the twenty first century of the field of medicine and health care.

More than one hundred years of healing would not have been possible without the dedication and support of our community of friends. Philanthropy (the gift of time, talent or resources) is an integral part of the soul of IMMC. If not for the undying generosity of individuals and organizations, we could and would not exist as we do today. Your support can be used in many ways: Rehabilitation medicine, cancer care and research, patient and family assistance, capital equipment acquisition, education, cardiac care, and other areas of interest.

Donors Making a Difference

Arts for Healing ProgramThis program brings a local artist to the hospital to greet patients with a cart full of art supplies in order to help them explore their artistic side. It is a unique way to support the arts, our patients and the art of healing.

Younker Rehabilitation CenterSince opening in 1959, Younker Rehabilitation Center has been a leader in providing rehabilitation to our community, treating a wide variety of injuries, illnesses and congenital diagnoses. Some of the services provided include 24-hour rehabilitation nursing care in an inpatient setting, intensive physical and occupational therapy and 24-hour availability of a physician who specializes in physical rehabilitation.

Diabetes Education - Using a team-based approach to diabetes management, staff (including nurses, dietitians and a secretary) work with each individual's physician to facilitate the common goal of successful diabetes management. Information, instruction and support through educational programs and counseling sessions are offered in order to improve each person's quality of life. Educational classes include Type 2 Diabetes, Insulin Education, Gestational Diabetes, Diabetes with Pregnancy, and Pre-diabetes prevention.

SIM Education - Simulation-based medical education uses an artificial (or simulated) learning environment to create and imitate a real-life patient care setting where learners can practice and master skills without putting a patient at risk. This type of education provides participants with hands-on training that improves clinical skills and builds confidence.

Facility and Equipment - Medical practices and equipment are changing at light speed. Advancement in the care and medical needs of individuals has surpassed any of our wildest dreams. As these technologies change, so do the expectations of our patients and their families. Staying on the cutting edge of technology and care is very costly. Insurance covers basic expenses related to the care of patients. Expansion and enhancement of services and facilities must come through charitable contributions if we are to provide all of the latest advancements. Your gift can be specifically designated to an area of our hospital. These dollars will be ear marked for the enhancement and advancement of services to the patients in those areas.

Medical Education - In 1902, at what was then Iowa Methodist Hospital in Des Moines, and intern's certificate was awarded to Dr. Raymond Cluen. That event signaled the beginning of a graduate medical education process that would culminate in the training of more than 900 physicians by the end of the century in Iowa Methodist Medical Center, Iowa Lutheran Hospital and Blank Children's Hospital. Today, more than 85 resident's train in our five residency programs each year. Providing a long history of support of all of our educational and research endeavors is a superb Health Science Library adjacent to our state of the art Conference and Learning Center. All of which have been made possible in large part by the very generous gifts of our community and friends.

Older Adult Services - Aging gracefully requires the skills of many different healthcare professionals-from geriatric specialists to dietitians, social workers to case workers, exercise physiologists to clinical psychologists. To provide all of these important services, we have designed a healthcare center designed specifically for older adults. Aging also requires additional healthcare costs. Some of which extend beyond the financial capabilities of our patients. Your gift to Older Adult Services will allow us the ability to award scholarships for Case Workers to go into homes, free medications to those who cannot afford them, and expanded services in a place where the staff share a common goal-to lift hearts and lighten burdens.

Pastoral Care - Faith and Spirituality have been a part of Iowa Methodist since its doors opened on January 16, 1901. Our multi-denominational staff meets with patients and families: conduct worship services: and are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As well, our chaplains provide extensive education and participate in ethics consultations. Many times the role of our chaplains is taken for granted. What if these services were not available for our patients and their families? A gift to this program and service will allow us to continue to provide the quiet, yet necessary contributions of our Clinical Chaplaincy program and maintain our faith-based roots.