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Genetics and Risk Assessment Clinic

St. Luke's partners with the Nassif Community Cancer Center to provide a Genetics and Risk Assessment Clinic. The clinic provides counseling, genetic testing and surveillance to help you determine if you are at risk for breast, colon, ovarian or endometrial cancer.

Examine your family tree

When it comes to cancer, it helps to know your family's medical history. Some cancers can be attributed to genetic factors. While there's no certain correlation, genetic factors may contribute in up to 15% of cancer cases. Use My Family Health Portrait to map out your family medical history online.

Check your rate of risk

Our Genetic and Risk Assessment Clinic offer counseling, genetic testing and observation services to help you understand your risk for breast, colon, ovarian and endometrial cancers. When you fill out a cancer risk assessment form, a counselor will review your family's health history and determine if you would benefit from an appointment.

For patients who are at an increased risk for developing cancer, a consultation with our cancer care dietitian can be arranged. During this meeting you'll learn the right foods to eat for a cancer-prevention diet. For more information, please call the clinic at (319) 558-4876.

Prevention and Early Detection

Put your health on your to-do list

It's important to make time for yearly health screening tests. Unsure of what tests you should take? Check out the American Cancer Society's guidelines for screenings, then sit down with your calendar and make those appointments. You can receive your mammograms and colonoscopies at St. Luke's.

Tobacco Cessation

Tobacco dependency is a chronic condition. St. Luke's provides counseling and behavioral support to help individuals quit tobacco. With so many options available, we will help you to determine the plan that is best for you. We offer group programs as well as individual counseling.

  • Individual counseling is personalized to meet your needs. Sessions provide the tools to help you successfully quit tobacco including support, progress tracking, education, advice and self-help materials.
  • Freedom From SmokingĀ®, St. Luke's group program, will help you overcome your tobacco addiction while having the support of others. This seven-week class will teach you about medicines to help you quit smoking, lifestyle changes to make quitting easier, managing stress, avoiding weight gain and developing a new self-image to stay smoke free for good!

Quitting tobacco often requires multiple attempts. It is a process that includes the following steps:

  • Not thinking about quitting
  • Thinking about quitting
  • Planning to quit
  • Recently quit using tobacco
  • Successfully living tobacco-free

Wherever you are in the quitting process, St. Luke's Tobacco Cessation Services can help you get to the next step by providing support and encouragement.

For more information about our programs call Tobacco Cessation Services at (319) 363-3565.

Medical Weight Loss 

Whether you are looking to shed some pounds or simply live a healthier life we have the tools to help you meet your wellness goals. The Medical Weight Loss Program focuses on exercise, nutrition and lifestyle changes. The program includes individual sessions with a dietitian, lifestyle counselor and exercise specialist, weekly weigh-ins and group education sessions led by an expert in weight management and weekly group exercise seasons.

For more information or to schedule an appointment call (319) 298-2200.