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Orthopedic Services

Orthopedic Care in the Quad Cities & Muscatine

At Trinity, we're always looking for ways to better coordinate care, because we've seen firsthand how it's made a big difference for patients across the Quad Cities, Muscatine and beyond.

That's why for those suffering from joint injuries and conditions, Trinity is coordinating care with orthopedic specialists in the Quad Cities  communities. This allows everybody who sees our patients to work as a team. Your family doctor. Surgeons. Nurses. Pain management specialists. Physical therapists. And home care. Our orthopedic approach is proven to help patients recover faster, and with less pain.

There's one expert we're making a special effort to partner with your orthopedic specialists: You! You know your body. And you will be responsible for taking care of it going forward. That's why we offer pre-operative joint "boot camps", where you learn what your procedure will entail, and how pain management and physical therapy can aid in a successful outcome. Take the JointAware Assessment to know your risk.

We also have a program that allows you to be screened and managed even before your orthopedic surgery. This can have a big impact on your susceptibility to post-operative infection. And speed along your recovery. It's one more example of why our orthopedic care team is focused on providing the  most personalized and coordinated orthopedic care available in the Quad Cities and Muscatine area.