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Medications during your Outpatient/Observation Stay


Welcome to Trinity. You are here at Trinity because you are receiving an outpatient procedure or your doctor feels it is best to keep you in the hospital to watch your medical condition closely. If you are in an observation level of care, you may be cared for in the hospital setting. At the end of that time, the next step in you care will be made. Either you will return home, stay in the hospital, or choose another plan.

Insurance Coverage

Many insurances pay for your procedure or observation stay. However, your insurance may not pay for all of the medications you receive. Those medicines that you normally take at home may not be paid for by Medicare or insurance while in an outpatient or observation level of care.


Your care is important to us! At UnityPoint Health - Trinity, your doctor will order the medicines he/she feels it is necessary for you to take during your hospital stay. You will only be taking medicine or pills that the hospital gives you. To provide the best care, we need to know what you are taking and when. Trinity has chosen the most appropriate medications for the most reasonable price.


IF you are currently enrolled in a Part D Prescription Drug Plan, Trinity can provide you with an itemized statement that includes the drug information your plan may require in order to process a claim for possible reimbursement. You will need to contact your insurance company directly for assistance in filing a claim for the Part D/pharmacy benefit. Trinity's Financial Assistant (309-779-2440) is available to answer any of your questions regarding your hospital bill. For a copy of your itemized statement, please call our Central Billing Office at (888)-343-4165 or (888)-343-4168.

Prescription medications normally taken at home may not be covered by Medicare.