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Stroke Care

We're here to help restore independence

At UnityPoint at Home, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional post-stroke services. Our compassionate chronic care team is specially trained to provide personalized care, treatment and support for stroke survivors and their families.  

What happens during a stroke?

The brain is an extremely complex organ that controls various body functions. A stroke occurs when a blood vessel carrying oxygen and nutrients to the brain is either blocked by a clot, or bursts. When this happens, part of the brain cannot get the blood and oxygen it needs to function properly. If blood flow can't reach the region of the brain that controls a particular function, then that part of the body won't work as it should.  

Although the effects of a stroke vary from person-to-person and from stroke-to-stroke, it's common for survivors to experience:

  • Vision loss or perception problems
  • Muscle paralysis, weakness or spasticity
  • Dysphasia - paralysis of the throat muscles which causes difficulty swallowing
  • Seizures, spasms or convulsions
  • Chronic fatigue and/or pain
  • Incontinence
  • Short-term or long-term memory loss
  • Difficulty using words or comprehending language
  • Post-stroke depression

Stroke Care... in Your Home, Your Surroundings - The Best Choice for Recovery

Just as every stroke is different, so is life after a stroke.  It's very common for stroke survivors to feel a loss of personal control and independence.  Our stroke rehabilitation services preserve personal dignity and independence by allowing survivors the opportunity to relearn basic skills in the comfort of their own home, with their own belongings.

UnityPoint at Home provides coordinated medical care and therapies with your clinics and hospital. Guided by your own physician, we offer comprehensive services to start you down the path to a healthier life, and personal independence.  Our team of physicians, nurses, therapists and support staff offer a realm of services to meet your individualized needs and goals, such as:

  • Health assessments
  • Medication management
  • Care management and coordination
  • Rehabilitation therapies: physical, occupational and speech
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Patient and family education

Getting People Back to Normal Life

One of the toughest challenges for a stroke survivor is relearning how to complete normal, everyday activities. Even the most routine of tasks, like dressing or eating, can be difficult following a stroke. UnityPoint offers assistance with a variety of daily activities,including:

  • Bathing & Dressing
  • Personal Grooming Care
  • Meal Preparation
  • Light Household Chores

Recovery After a Stroke is Often a Lifelong Process. We Can Help You.

Stroke rehabilitation can be a long process - not only for the survivor, but for family members and caregivers, as well. At UnityPoint At Home, we'll be with you every step of the way, easing the transition to life after a stroke. Call us today to discuss your unique case, and learn more about our personalized care and rehabilitation options.