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Congestive Heart Failure Treatment UnityPoint at Home Iowa Illinois

Heart Failure Care

We're here to help you manage heart failure successfully

At UnityPoint at Home, we pride ourselves on providing quality health care and support to persons diagnosed with heart failure. Our compassionate staff members are carefully selected and trained to understand the complexity of heart failure and our long-term commitment to care.

What is heart failure?

Heart failure is a chronic, progressive condition in which the weakened heart muscle is unable to supply cells with the blood and nutrients it needs. When the heart has trouble keeping up, it causes fatigue and shortness of breath, making everyday activities like walking, climbing stairs or carrying groceries very difficult.

Individualized Support... in Your Home, Your Surroundings - the Best Possible Choice for Heart Failure Care

Heart failure is a very serious medical condition that can be successfully managed with medications and healthy lifestyle changes. Successful treatment requires the commitment of many people, including the person diagnosed with heart failure, their family members and their health care team.  Our dedicated staff help provide medical and emotional support  needed to continue a long, productive and healthy life... in the comfort of your own home.

Medical Care for Heart Failure

Under the direction and supervision of your own physician, the UnityPoint At Home staff will assist with a variety of treatment activities, such as:

  • Medication management
  • Monitoring blood pressure and  daily fluid intake
  • Dietary supervision or planning
  • Supervised physical activity and exercise

Getting People Back to Normal Life

For some, a diagnosis of heart failure brings with it many lifestyle changes: new medications to manage, physical activity restrictions, maybe even old habits to break.  Managing heart failure requires organization, education and a long-term commitment from patients and their entire family.  For a person with heart failure, everyday tasks can become life-threatening challenges. We can help.

Helping with Daily Activities

The staff at UnityPoint at Home will assist with a variety of daily living activities, such as:

  • Medication service
  • Bathing and grooming care
  • Light household chores
  • Meal preparation

Heart Failure Can Be Managed.  We Can Help You.

UnityPoint at Home can help those diagnosed with heart failure to lead a long, healthy and productive life.  Call us today about your unique case and we can help determine the care needed.