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Work Well Solutions

At St. Luke's Work Well Solutions, we understand business - your business. We partner with more than 400 companies to solve their business health needs. We work to develop a customized program to keep both your employees and business healthy and safe. We were the first to offer business health services in Cedar Rapids and continue to have the most comprehensive range of services in the area.

Exclusively for work-related injuries and services

St. Luke's Work Well Clinic provides physicals, workers' comp treatment and follow-up, vaccinations, wellness screenings, drug screenings and more. Our experienced staff includes dedicated occupational medicine doctors. Being part of the St. Luke's family allows us provide 24/7 treatment for your employees.

Comprehensive set of services

Work Well Solutions offers the most comprehensive array of occupational health services in the Cedar Rapids area. We can provide physical and occupational therapy (post injury and preventative), employee wellness, and education and training services.

News you can use

We work to keep you up to date on what's going on locally and nationally in occupational health. Check out our resources for employers as well as our news and publications.