Drug & Alcohol Testing

UnityPoint Health has a successful track record in providing a full-service drug and alcohol testing program. Depending on your location, services may be offered in a turn-key package or on an à la carte basis to suit each employers' needs.

Common Services

  • Drug Tests, DOT and Non-DOT
  • Breath Alcohol Tests
  • Third Party Administration
  • Bi-annual & Annual Statistic Reports
  • Medical Review Officer Services
  • Computerized Random Selection Program
  • Rapid eScreen Drug Testing

Drug Testing

Trust the drug testing program through UnityPoint Health to ensure your employees comply with federal drug testing requirements and meet your company's specifications for drug-free employees. Drug testing services provided by UnityPoint Health are administered using the highest quality standards and a SAMHSA-approved laboratory. Employers who use UnityPoint Health services can:

  • Expect quick turnaround time on specimen testing for pre-employment, random selection, reasonable suspicion, post-accident, return-to-duty and follow up testing
  • Access online test results via iSystoc
  • Utilize the computerized random selection program
  • Access random pool consortiums
  • Receive assistance with questions in regards to the DOT/State regulations
  • Comply with DOT Drug Testing Regulations. The following percentages must be tested each year. These percentages are reviewed annually and could be adjusted:
    • FMCSA: Drug- 50% Alcohol- 10% 
    • FTA: Drug- 25% Alcohol- 10% 
    • Pipeline: Drug- 25% Alcohol- 0%

Alcohol Testing

UnityPoint Health provides certified Breath Alcohol Technicians to complete alcohol tests for your prospective and current employees. Tests can be administered 24 hours a day and are performed using an evidential breath testing device approved by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The computerized random selection program may also be available to employers using UnityPoint Health's alcohol testing services.