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The Child Life Department relies heavily on the diligence and enthusiasm of volunteers. Volunteers are utilized in the Playroom, bedside, clinic and Emergency Department. 

Volunteer Duties and Responsibilities

To participate in the planning and implementation of activities and encourage children's play in both structured and creative activities. Examples may include:

  • Facilitating an arts and crafts activity
  • Reading stories
  • Holding and comforting a child
  • To set up and clean playrooms in accordance with toy safety standards for each session
  • To help clean toys, materials, and play area to comply with health standards
  • To assist with restocking and organizing materials and supplies
  • To prepare materials for special events, including special projects; i.e., making puppets, educational games, holiday decorations
  • To escort children to and from the nursing units for play activities
  • To attend orientations and periodic in-service training
  • To expand our program by offering new ideas, outside resources, and new contacts; i.e., play, musical instrument, sing or teach a hobby