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From planning your future to improving your quality of life, birth control can be an important part of your health care plan. Discover the different options available and contact us to help find the best one for your unique needs.

Non-Surgical Birth Control

Birth control has many benefits including preventing unwanted pregnancy while certain types of birth control can also help decrease period or menopause symptoms.

UnityPoint Clinic OB/GYN locations in Cedar Falls and Waterloo, as well as Allen Women's Health, can help you find the method that fits your needs and lifestyle.

Long-Term, Reversible Birth Control

We offer four different kinds of long-term, implantable birth control for women: 
  • Paragard is inserted into your uterus and is effective for up to 10 years
  • Mirena is inserted into your uterus and is effective for up to five years
  • Kyleena is inserted into your uterus and is effective for up to five years
  • Nexplanon is inserted into your arm and is effective for up to three years
  • Skyla IUD is inserted into your uterus and is effective for up to three years

Benefits of long-term birth control include:

  • Birth control you hardly ever have to think about
  • Birth control that's proven at least 99% effective in preventing pregnancy
  • Reversible birth control that can be removed at any time. This means if you change your mind, you can choose to try to get pregnant when you want
  • Discreet birth control that usually can't be seen or even felt 
  • Birth control with minimal side effects
  • Simple, worry-free birth control that helps you control your life

Other Birth Control Options

No Insurance? No Problem.

No one should be turned away for inability to pay. As a Title X-Family Planning and Title V-Maternal Health funded delegate of the Iowa Department of Public Health, Allen Women's Health offers FREE or low-cost birth control to those who qualify. Our providers, nurses, and financial counselors can help uninsured or underinsured individuals find a plan that works for them.

Permanent Contraception


Each year, more than 500,000 men in the U.S. choose vasectomy for birth control. A vasectomy prevents pregnancy better than any other method of birth control, except abstinence. Only 1 to 2 women out of 1,000 will get pregnant in the year after their partners have had a vasectomy.

Talk to a doctor at UnityPoint Health Allen Hospital – Center for Urology to learn more.

Tubal Ligation

Tubal ligation (sometimes called female sterilization or getting your tubes tied) is one of the most effective kinds of birth control. It's permanent and more than 99% effective at preventing pregnancy.

Talk to a doctor at UnityPoint Clinic OB/GYN in Cedar Falls or Waterloo to learn more.

Post-Partum Birth Control

After giving birth, the idea of birth control and future pregnancies may be far from your mind. But, did you know that you can get pregnant even before your first menstrual period following childbirth? Plan for your future by learning more about post-partum birth control.