Travel Medicine

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Travel Medicine

As you prepare for international travel, UnityPoint Health – Meriter is here for all your Travel Medicine needs at the McKee Clinic.


Whether you're traveling for pleasure or business, to study or volunteer, we can be your advisors regarding:

  • Pre-trip health and safety consultations, including travel advisories and disease risk.
  • Recommendations and administration of immunizations and vaccines, including the Yellow Fever vaccine, Hepatitis A & B, Typhoid, Meningococcal, Rabies, Japanese B Encephalitis, and other standard immunizations.
  • Prevention of travel-related sickness, such as altitude sickness, motion sickness, Malaria Prophylaxis and Travelers' Diarrhea.

Scheduling Your Appointment

It's important to schedule your appointment well ahead of your travel, since some immunizations take weeks to build up to full effectiveness. We recommend making your appointment at least six weeks ahead of time, although if that's not possible, we still encourage you to come in as soon as you can.

Call our clinic today at (608) 417-8800 to book an appointment with our Travel Medicine specialists.

Our Team

Dr. Karen Reed & Jennifer George, PharmD are trained in Travel Medicine. Dr. Reed is trained for individuals of all ages.


We encourage you to contact your insurance company since coverage of travel medicine services vary.