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Focusing on the Well-Being & Comfort of You and Your Baby

We are here for that special moment baby is born, and to answer any questions you have before and after baby is born. Call us any time of the day at (515) 574-6052.  

Personal Care & Services

At Trinity Birth Center, we know that being part of your baby's birth is our privilege. Our staff will provide you with personal care and all the services you will need to make your birth experience the best it can be. 

Family-centered care is facilitated at Trinity Birth Center by providing large rooms equipped to care for you and your baby for your entire stay. Our labor and delivery rooms were designed and built to provide you with comfortable, stress-free surroundings. Our generous rooms provide space for you and your support person to rest and relax. Infant warmers and a bathing sink are included to provide you with a full-service room.

Benefits of choosing Trinity Birth Center:

  • Supportive, caring staff
  • Nearly 400 years of combined nursing experience
  • Built-in warming beds and infant bathing areas
  • Home-like atmosphere
  • Cesarean delivery and recovery on unit
  • Full support well baby nursery
  • Comforting labor support
  • Team care approach
  • Breast feeding educators, Certified Lactation Consultant
  • Family-centered care
  • Level II Special Care Nursery

Take a virtual tour of the Trinity Birth Center below, and call our compassionate team at (515) 574-6052 with any questions or to schedule a personal tour. 

Trinity Birth Center's Level II Special Care Nursery

Sometimes babies need extra care when they are born; Trinity Birth Center offers that special care. At Trinity Birth Center's Level II Special Care Nursery, you can have the assurance that your baby will have the medical support he or she may need. 

Babies who can breathe on their own, yet need medical treatment, will spend time in our Level II Special Care Nursery where they can be continuously monitored. Our Level II Nursery can provide breathing support for babies that are having respiratory difficulties. They can be given an IV drip for fluids and/or medications. Additionally, we are able to help newborns who are experiencing difficulty sucking and need help getting nourishment by giving them breast milk or formula through a nasogastric (NG) tube (a tube placed in the nose and into the stomach). 

If your baby does need to be placed in Trinity Birth Center's Level II Nursery, he or she will receive care from specially trained nursery nurses and pediatricians. Pediatricians are doctors that are specifically trained to care for babies and children. 

No one wants their newborn to be sick or need special help, but unfortunately sometimes it happens. Which is why choosing a hospital that is well equipped to handle you and your baby's needs is one of the most important choices you make as a parent.