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Focusing on the Well-Being & Comfort of You and Your Baby

We are here for that special moment baby is born, and to answer any questions you have before and after baby is born. Call us any time of the day at (515) 574-6052.

Labor and Delivery at Trinity Birth Center: Why Choose Us?

Our nurses, care managers and breastfeeding educators work closely with you and your obstetrician (OB). Having your baby at Trinity means modern rooms and a supportive team designed to make your birth experience comfortable and safe.

And while its rare, sometimes things don't go as planned. We have your back (and your baby's). Blank Children's Hospital nurse practitioners provide 24/7 inpatient pediatric and newborn nursery care at Trinity Regional Medical Center. Together, we are completely dedicated to meeting the unique health care needs of your baby.

Benefits of choosing Trinity Birth Center:

  • Supportive, caring team
  • Partnership with Blank Children's Hospital for newborn nursery care and Level II Special Care Nursery
  • Nearly 400 years of combined nursing experience
  • Built-in warming beds and infant bathing areas
  • Home-like atmosphere
  • Cesarean delivery and recovery on unit
  • Comforting labor support
  • Breast feeding educators
  • Family-centered care
  • Refrigerator in all rooms
  • Postpartum support

Low-Intervention, Personalized Care: What's Available at Trinity?

You've likely done your research and have a plan for your baby's birth. Whether you are planning a natural birth, or decided you need pain medications or will have a C-section, we have the tools to welcome your new baby.

  • Your birth plan choices: We work with you and your OB during your pregnancy. Together, we plan for a low-intervention delivery. You can start making your birth plan now. You might include:
    • Support from a nurse for a more personal and natural approach to labor and delivery
    • Options such as breathing techniques, counter pressure and ambulation position changes to manage contractions and discomfort naturally
    • Birthing balls and wireless fetal monitors to let you move around during labor
  • Family-centered approach: You and your baby will be together as much as possible during your stay. Nursery support is available for families needing extra care. Learn more about family-centered approach.
  • Comfort and convenience: To make your experience easier and safer, you'll move through check-in and into your private room as quickly as possible. At Trinity Birth Center, you and your family spend the first days with your baby in a private room. Our postpartum team keeps interruptions to a minimum but always available if you need assistance.
  • Breastfeeding support: A breast feeding educator is available to help make sure breastfeeding is going well and help work out any concerns If you choose not to breastfeed, we'll help you set up a healthy feeding plan for your baby. This support gives you the preparation to care for your newborn at home.
  • Assistance into your "fourth trimester": Get help in baby's first months — your "fourth trimester" — with tools that help you take care of yourself and watch for after delivery concerns.

What's next?

Start getting ready for your delivery now. We can help you understand what to expect and plan your preferred birth experience. Get to know us when you:

  • Tour Trinity Birthing Center: Let us show you our beautiful rooms and your options to personalize your baby's arrival. Call (515) 574-6052 to schedule a tour, or take a virtual tour.
  • Sign up for free and low-cost classes: Find classes for you and your birth partner and even siblings. See our Classes and Events page.
  • Preregister: Register for birth care to reserve your space.