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 Here at The Finley Hospital, we call that 'a difference you can feel.'

Projects Made Possible

Gifts to the Finley Health Foundation help us fulfill our Mission.

Since 1986, the Foundation has put the gifts received back to work into UnityPoint Health - Finley Hospital, providing education, equipment and services to patients, employees and members of the community.

Following are examples of recent projects made possible in part through generous private donations:

Visiting Nurse Association Received Grant from Dubuque Racing Association

nullUnityPoint Health - Finley Health Foundation is the recipient of a grant from the Dubuque Racing Association. The Foundation was awarded a $4,500 grant to furnish the conference room at the Visiting Nurse Association's (VNA) new location at 660 Iowa Street.

The grant is providing the VNA with the ability to upgrade their technology and furnishings, which will allow their staff to host educational sessions and community workshops to address the important health needs of the community.

The VNA provides more than 12,000 services to their clients each year. Approximately 6,000 people are seen at the VNA for on-site visits per year. In August, the VNA began seeing patients at their new location. The new building, located in the heart of downtown, is right on the bus line, which is a must for many Dubuque county residents.

"Receiving this grant from the DRA will have a positive impact on the clients the VNA serves," said Stacey Killian, Director of the Visiting Nurse Association. "We are grateful to have the DRA as a generous partner and thank them for their continued support."

Variety Provides Peace of Mind

Thanks to funding from Variety the Children's Charity, the staff at Finley now has new equipment to assist in transporting high-risk mothers and babies. Variety recently funded a new fetal transport monitor for the Family Birthing Suites department.

In funding the project, Variety has given us the opportunity to help mothers like Amy*.

A pre-term mother, Amy presented at the UnityPoint Health - Finley Hospital, Family Birthing Suites in December of 2018. The mother was in active labor at 28 weeks.

After an initial assessment it was determined that Amy be transferred to UnityPoint Health – St. Luke's in Cedar Rapids to deliver at a Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Delivering at St. Luke's NICU would provide the baby with a highly skilled team in a specialized setting to receive care. With Amy in a fragile state of health, it was imperative to get her and the unborn baby to the NICU facility as soon as possible.

The staff at Finley was very concerned that she had not been feeling her contractions, but was shown to be dilating. In a case like this, a fetal monitor is your best friend, because contractions will register on the monitor strip, even when the patient is not feeling them.

When our nurse from Finley Hospital arrived at St. Luke's with the patient via ambulance, she was able to provide and show valuable information to the receiving care team. The monitor strip provided the laboring mother's contraction pattern as well as fetal heart rate tracing during the transport. This provided the receiving care team with the ability to form a care plan based on this measurable and reliable vital information.

Another benefit of this technology is that Amy was able to hear and see her baby's heart rate throughout the transport, giving her extra reassurance during a very stressful time.

This equipment assisted the team at Finley Hospital to successfully transfer the patient to St. Luke's where she delivered her baby a couple of days later. Today, both Amy and her baby are doing very well, thanks to the skilled and caring Finley staff and equipment funded by Variety the Children's Charity.

*Name has been changed

UnityPoint Health - Finley Health Foundation Awarded DRA Grant

nullUnityPoint Health - Finley Health Foundation was a recipient of a $5,000 grant from the Dubuque Racing Association. The grant will support Finley Hospital's Inpatient Physical Therapy Unit in purchasing a car transfer simulator. 

The simulator is the first of its kind in the Dubuque community. The simulator is the front end of a car with working doors, handles, locks, seat belts, bucket seats, gas pedal, brake and steering wheel. The car simulator is height adjustable, so that physical therapists may match the simulator to the type of car, truck or SUV utilized by each patient.

Finley Hospital's team of therapists works closely with patients, families and other caregivers to help them prepare their home for the patient's return, and how to properly assist patients in daily activities after a hospital stay.

The car transfer simulator will be used by post-surgical and other patients with mobility issues to learn and practice entering and exiting a vehicle before returning home. Practicing with a simulator will help patients use correct body mechanics for transferring into and out of a vehicle.

"Providing a car transfer simulator and working with patients and care givers significantly improves the recovery process by reducing the chance of patients re-injuring themselves when they return to their home," said Tim Ahlers, Chief Financial & Operating Officer of Finley Hospital. "Having this piece of equipment will benefit families in our community and we thank the DRA for supporting our mission to improve the health of the people and communities of the Tri-State area." 

United Way Grant Awarded to Finley Health Foundation for VNA Program

united way logoUnityPoint Health - Finley Health Foundation is a recipient of a $25,000 grant from the United Way of the Tri-States. The grant will support the Dubuque Visiting Nurse Association's Representative Payee program. 

The VNA's Representative Payee program provides financial management for Social Security and Social Security Income beneficiaries who are unable to manage their Social Security or SSI payments because of a mental or developmental disability. This service is critical to each client's quality of life.

VNA payee coordinators work directly with the individuals to not only ensure they have access to basic necessities such as food, clothing, and shelter, but also enhance their access to health insurance, routine medical and dental care, medications, counseling and other important community support.

The grant is a result of the United Way's New and Targeted Initiatives program, developed to improve social services and programs in the Dubuque area.

"The VNA is so appreciative of United Way for their support of our Representative Payee program, without their financial support VNA would be unable to provide these needed services," said Stacey Killian, Director of Dubuque and Clayton County VNA. "United Way truly impacts the lives of area residents with their continued community involvement and leadership."

Visiting Nurse Association Awarded DRA Grant

UnityPoint Health - Finley Health Foundation is the recipient of a grant from the Dubuque Racing Association. The Foundation was awarded a $5,000 grant to the Visiting Nurse Association (VNA) to purchase mattress encasements and other supplies to fight the spread of bed bugs in the Dubuque community.

The VNA provides more than 12,000 services to their clients each year. As many VNA's clients are health vulnerable, supplying clients with mattress encasements and other cleaning supplies helps community members maintain their health and safety, and prevent the spread of bed bugs in our community.