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Projects Made Possible

Gifts to the Finley Health Foundation help us fulfill our Mission.

Since 1986, the Foundation has put the gifts received back to work into UnityPoint Health - Finley Hospital, providing education, equipment and services to patients, employees and members of the community.

Following are examples of recent projects made possible in part through generous private donations:

Medication Safety & Management Program

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UnityPoint Health - Finley Health Foundation was a recipient of a grant from the Dubuque Racing Association for $4,170 to support the Visiting Nurse Association's Medication Safety & Management Program. This program provides the VNA with the ability to distribute locking medication boxes to elderly or disabled clients in need, which will allow those clients to safeguard medications and address their health needs. Because of the vulnerable nature of these patients, they are at an increased risk to have their medications stolen, misplaced or misused by others. Medication lock boxes would allow those individuals to keep their prescriptions safe and secure within their home, while still being able to access the medications as prescribed. 

Genetics Counselor

Genetics Counseling helps individuals understand their risks for cancer due to their family history. Heredity is one factor that can play a role in the development of certain types of cancers, such as breast, ovarian, and endometrial. Genetic counseling is an opportunity to meet with Shana Coker, ARNP, Finley's trained genetics nurse practitioner, in addition to Audrey Brown, certified genetics counselor. During a genetic counseling session, individuals will meet with one of the counselors to help understand his/her inherited cancer risks. Based on family history, education will be provided about reducing risks for cancer and information regarding genetic testing . A genetic counseling session has four possible components. Individuals who have a personal history that includes any of the following may benefit from genetic counseling: a family member diagnosed with cancer before age 50, multiple family members diagnosed with the same type of cancer, two or more types of cancer have been diagnosed in the same person or a known genetic abnormality in a family members. The cost of genetic counseling at Finley Hospital is free, thanks to funds from the Pink Ribbon Open. 

Family Birthing Suites Equipment

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The Family Birthing Suites unit at UnityPoint Health - Finley Hospital is dedicated to providing a supportive environment for each and every baby to have the healthiest start in life. The UnityPoint Health - Finley Health Foundation applied for an received a grant for $8,322 to support the funding of updating the bassinets, baskets, and infant mattresses in order to increase infection prevention from communicable diseases. 

Maternal Health

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The Dubuque Visiting Nurse Association (VNA) has been a public health agency that champions the well-being of mothers, infants and children. The maternal health and well-being of an expectant mom can help predict the health of the next generation and can help predict future public health challenges for families, communities and the health care system. In need of equipment essential to the delivery of maternal health, the Finley Health Foundation applied for and received a grant of $6,650 to support families in the maternal health program by purchasing portable play yards and educational materials. The educational materials will contain examples of safe sleep environments translated to the Marshallese Language.

UnityPoint Health Pediatric Therapy Center

UnityPoint Health - Pediatric Therapy Center opened in the fall of 2020 and is welcoming the youngest of patients to their new location. The newly improved, relocated 6,200 square-foot center calls the third floor of the UnityPoint Health building, located at 4005 Westmark Drive, home and mirrors the high level of care patients receive. The facility provides dedicated space for physical, occupational, speech and feeding therapies for children from birth to 21 years of age. The $1,245,000 project cost was provided solely from generous donor support. Finley's intensive therapy programs provide therapy to help bridge the gap from disabilities to abilities, so children can become independent and engage in our communities during their childhood and into adulthood. Thank you to our many donors and families for supporting this 100% donor-funded project.