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Healthy Lifestyles Program Details

A Healthy Lifestyle Starts with a Team Approach

At UnityPoint Clinic Weight Loss, we use a coordinated team approach. Our specialists will work with you to set weight loss goals and make lifestyles changes to achieve them. A complete evaluation by the nurse practitioner at your first visit is the foundation of your personalized weight loss program.

Your nurse practitioner will:

  • Look for health related issues that might cause obesity
  • Review your medicines that can lead to weight gain
  • Make recommendations to your primary care doctor to support your weight loss goals

A dietitian will:

  • Review your current eating patterns and help you make a personal diet plan
  • Teach you how to eat healthy to` prevent or manage disease
  • Follow up with you to check on your progress

An exercise physiologist will:

  • Test your exercise capacity
  • Help you build a personal exercise plan
  • Check on your progress and adjust the plan so it keeps working for you. Individualize your exercise plan for problems like joint pain

A mental health counselor will:

  • Use counseling to help with things that affect your ability to eat healthy and make changes to improve your eating habits
  • State-of-the-art technology will be used to follow accurate information about your body to track your progress in:
    • Body mass index
    • Body fat percentage
    • Resting metabolic rate

How do I get started?

  • To get started, make an appointment with our clinic. Call 515-241-2250 today to sign up for your first visit.
  • Please read, print and complete the patient history form and bring it to your first Healthy Lifestyles Program physician/team consultation.