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UnityPoint Health - Des Moines Perinatal Center

Perinatal medicine is the health field that provides care for women and their fetuses who have risk for complications. These pregnancies are often referred to as "high risk."

A perinatologist is an obstetrician-gynecologist with additional training in high-risk obstetrics. The perinatologists at the UnityPoint Health - Des Moines Perinatal Center are ready to work with you and your physicians to determine what is best for you and your unborn baby.

Consultation services at the UnityPoint Health - Des Moines Perinatal Center allow the patient and physician to discuss the issues concerning the pregnancy and develop a plan for care. Some patients will receive their primary care and delivery from the obstetrician, family practice doctor or midwife and visit with the perinatologist periodically.


  • Genetic counseling gives the patient and physician an opportunity to discuss the risks for the pregnancy and the available prenatal tests.
  • Prenatal diagnosis provides the opportunity to test for fetal genetic disorders. Amniocentesis and cordocentesis are methods of prenatal diagnosis available in the center.
  • Diabetes management requires careful education, diet, exercise and insulin instruction as well as fetal monitoring. Comprehensive care is available.
  • Ultrasound evaluation provides an assessment of fetal anatomy. Routine and advanced ultrasound examinations are performed by registered sonographers and are reviewed by the perinatologist.