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New You Program

If you have been on more than one diet, you know that it is not losing weight that is the problem; it is keeping the weight off. 

The New You Program is a comprehensive weight management program designed to help you achieve and maintain long-term weight loss. Throughout the program, you are guided by a team of health professionals including an endocrinologist, dietitian, and health coach. With the help of our team, you will lose weight safely and learn to manage a healthy weight for life. 

This medically-supervised program provides the tools you need for long term success. Patients consistently report that this program does more than help them lose weight; it has helped them change their lives.

  • Balanced Approach.

    Our approach focuses on making conscious choices. Nothing is “forbidden” – it is a matter of balance. We will work with you every step of the way toward your long term health goal. 
  • Supportive Professionals.

    Our group coaching model holds participants accountable to themselves, the coach, and the class. You learn and practice new healthy behaviors in an environment of trust and understanding.
  • Medically Supervised.

    Rapids weight loss is safe with a doctor’s oversight. Dr. Rao will review your medical history and monitor your progress. Our team can assist you to set realistic goals for healthy weight loss. If you have Type 2 Diabetes, Dr. Rao will work with you and your primary care physician to closely monitor your blood glucose. 
  • Proven Product.

    Health One is a product of the scientific community. Our product has been used in clinical trials for over a decade and has achieved excellent results. Health One is unique in that it can be enjoyed in shake form as well as in baked goods. With flavors such as vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, and potato, you can make both sweet and savory items. 

About the Program

The New You Program will help you develop the skills and strategies needed to reduce your weight and improve your health for the long-term. The program entails a progressive series of weekly group sessions.

The New You Program includes 24 weeks of group sessions. Each session:

  • Includes an opportunity to practice new skills
  • Group discussion and weekly goals
  • Last one hour
  • Is a mandatory part of the program

During this time, you will follow a structured meal plan using Health One Meal Replacement products, while learning new lifestyle patterns and accountability. 

In addition to weekly group sessions, the program provides support by providing:

  • Weekly individual check-ins 
  • Private weigh-ins 
  • Exercise classes 
  • Next Steps - a program for ongoing support 

Back to the kitchen for prevention

This program provides the support, skills and tools needed for success while preparing you for your eventual transition back to grocery based food. Our philosophy is to get you "back in the kitchen for prevention" and our team of experts will help you develop the skills needed to make this a permanent lifestyle change.