Working at Finley Runs in the Family

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Stephen DeWulf, a CT Tech at Finley Hospital, tells everybody his aunt is Resource Educator Yolanda “Londie” Brauer.

“I always make sure that they know that Londie’s my aunt – I tell everyone,” he said. “I tell people if you need something, just let me know.”

Londie, who has worked at Finley for nearly 50 years, chuckles, but knows the feeling. She’s a proud mom who does plenty of her own bragging on her daughter, Amanda Coakley, an Inpatient Physical Therapist at Finley.

“She didn’t shy away from making sure the CEO knew who I was when I first started, two weeks after graduation,” Amanda said.

Amanda began her career at Finley Hospital 20 years ago as a PRN team member, when her mom connected her with a team member to shadow for her PT observation hours. Then in 2005, she joined the team.

Stephen works mostly night shifts. When he started, he was thankful for the family connections in the building.

“I had somebody to go to and especially since she’s in education, she always keeps me on my toes. She always knows what I need for education.”

Amanda makes sure to stop by Londie’s office for her well-stocked candy jar. She’ll poke fun at her cousin, but makes sure she’s on her game with her mom around.

“I have to behave, or she’ll find out,” she said, laughing.

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