Lansink Grows Career Through UPH CMA Apprenticeship Program

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From growing as an individual to growing her career, Olivia Lansink is always ready to help. She’s worked at UnityPoint Clinic Family Health Center – Storm Lake for the past two and a half years as an Experience Specialist but is excited to grow her career through the online CMA Apprenticeship Program at UnityPoint Health.

“I started nursing school before I had my first daughter, but I ended up leaving since I was busy being a working mother,” Olivia said. “This CMA opportunity has helped me go back to school, provide for my family, and work alongside and learn from my co-workers.”

The best part of Olivia’s day is seeing and interacting with her co-workers.

“I feel like we are family, always helping each other out and jumping in where we are needed,” she said. “One thing that I think makes our clinic special is our family friendly atmosphere. Our end goal for every patient is to help them in any way we can.”

And Olivia does just that – even when she isn’t at work. Earlier this spring, while on her way to work, Olivia came upon a multi-vehicle accident, fully expecting to find a deceased individual. Although the airbags had deployed, the individual was alive, and Olivia supported him until EMS arrived.

After talking with this individual, and he was cleared to leave the scene, Olivia learned he was on his way to his last chemotherapy infusion at Buena Vista Regional Medical Center – and ended up taking him to his appointment.

“After work, I received a phone call from Shelly Buse, ARNP, UnityPoint Clinic – Family Medicine Buena Vista, reporting the gentleman in the accident was able to ring his “last chemo” bell after Olivia dropped him off,” said Kristin Thayer, Clinic Administrator, Family Health Center.

Olivia’s long-term goals are to function in multiple spaces at Family Health Center and to always jump in and assist. Upon completion of the CMA program, Olivia began her new role as a CMA at Family Health Center. Her long-term goals are to function in multiple spaces in the clinic – always ready to jump in and assist. The UnityPoint Health CMA Apprenticeship Program included internal employees, but they hope to expand to include external candidates in the future. To learn more about becoming a team member with UnityPoint Health, visit our Join Our Team page.

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