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Wellness Programs

UnityPoint Health - Meriter is committed to providing you preventive and wellness resources to help you make small, realistic lifestyle improvements. 

Get started today by joining one of our wellness programs!  Remember, anything you do today that was healthier than yesterday is a step towards good health.

Breaking the Cycle

Mindfulness Training for Smokers – This is a 7-week program designed for smokers who have tried to quit and relapsed. Other smoking cessation options are available by calling (608) 417-QUIT (7848).

Nutrition and Fitness

Am I Hungry?® - This 8-week comprehensive lifestyle and weight management program provides mindfulness and cognitive-behavioral tools, in addition to fitness and nutrition education, to guide you toward sustainable, healthy lifestyle changes.

Get Fit! – This 10-week exercise and healthy eating program will get you started on the path to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight, along with a healthy lifestyle.

Stay Fit! – This self-monitored, medically supervised exercise program is aimed at helping you develop lifelong exercise habits while reducing medical risks.

Nutrition Programs – Our registered dietitians provide instruction and counseling regarding healthy diets, weight loss, dietary changes for managing health conditions and more.

Exercise Consults

If you are looking to start an exercise program or want to make changes in your current exercise routine, meet with our staff for an exercise consult. This appointment will be individualized based on your needs and may include a review of your medical history, discussion of your exercise goals and assessment of your blood pressure, weight, aerobic capacity, body composition, an exercise prescription and plan for progression. 

Call the UnityPoint Health - Meriter Wellness Center to schedule an appointment at (608) 417-6102. You may be able to apply for reimbursement from your insurance plan, please check with them for details.

Mind Body Wellness

  • Mind Body Medicine – This group will help you recognize the sources of stress in your life and teach you how to manage stress-related symptoms and illnesses.
  • Medical Psychology – Our experts in this specialized field are dedicated to helping individuals deal psychologically with illness, disease or traumatic injury.
  • Acupuncture –UnityPoint Health - Meriter offers acupuncture services to complement traditional medicine for certain conditions.
  • Relaxation Exercises – Visit Medical Psychology for free audio relaxation exercises, including guided imagery, deep breathing and progressive body relaxation.

Health Management

  • Women's HeartCare – This comprehensive cardiovascular program is designed especially for women by women. We help you find out your risk for heart disease and steps to prevent it.
  • Diabetes Care Team – Whether you're Type 1, Type 2, pregnant, newly diagnosed or looking to get back on track, UnityPoint Health - Meriter has has a coordinated team of endocrinologists, health psychologists and registered dietitians that offer group classes to help you successfully manage your disease.
  • Lipid Clinic – This program provides diagnosis and treatment for cholesterol disorders. If you are identified as high risk for heart attack or stroke, our team can develop a tailored prevention and treatment program to help you reach your goals safely and effectively. Contact your physician for more information.

Schedule Your Annual Exam

Your annual health exam can help find problems before they start. By getting the right health services, screenings and treatments, you're taking the steps to live a longer, healthier life. Be sure to schedule your annual exam with your primary care doctor. Not sure which doctor or clinic is right for you? Visit our doctor match tool or call (608) 417-DR4U (3748) to find out!

Download the Formula for Good Health forms here:

Formula for Good Health
Kids Formula for Good Health

Rx for Health

Prescriptions aren't just for medicine anymore! Here are some great tips and resources to aid you in your quest for health.

Exercise Rx
Nutrition Rx