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Pediatric Therapy & Rehabilitation 

Some children have difficulty reaching developmental milestones because a delay or medical condition interferes with their physical development, coordination, communication or learning.

Our team of highly trained pediatric therapists- including physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists — can help. They recognize that each child has unique needs and may require different treatments approaches at different stages of development. Case Management is also available to work with families to offer services in: problem solving, advocacy, and resource referral.

Pediatric therapy is available for children from birth through adolescence. It is designed to help children increase their developmental skill level and learning, which leads to greater success in the classroom and at home, enhanced peer relationships and growth in self-esteem.

In addition, the program offers each family a better understanding of the child's strengths and challenges, ways to incorporate therapy into everyday activities and developmentally appropriate activities for the child.

A full evaluation is done by one or more therapists, depending on the child's needs. An evaluation includes collecting information about the child's history, an interview with the parents/caregivers about their concerns and those of the child, observation of the child, and formal test measures.

Pediatric therapists develop and individualized treatment plan for each child with input from the parents/caregivers and the child, when appropriate. They may provide therapy individually or in small groups depending on the child's needs and goals. Therapy techniques are often incorporated into a play format for younger children to promote attention and motivation. Families are directly involved in setting goals, working with the child in therapy sessions and continuing therapy at home.

Making an Appointment

A physician's referral is required for services other than classes. To schedule an appointment, please call (608) 417-3370. If you are unable to keep your appointment, please give a 24 hour notice.


Health insurance policies may include coverage for pediatric therapy services. If you have questions about your coverage, contact your insurance carrier. Please bring your insurance card with you to your first visit. Financial counselors are available to assist with payment plans.

Case Management

A Case Manager is available to work with our team as well as families to offer services in the following areas:

  • Problem solving
  • Advocacy
  • Resource Referral

Some ideas of what our Case Manager may be able to help you with include:

  • Recreational opportunities for your child 
  • Funding sources to help pay for extra costs relating to your child's special needs 
  • Help with obtaining housing, clothing, food, and telephone 
  • Finding medical specialists to work with your child 
  • Transportation 
  • Meeting another family with a child who has similar needs to your child 
  • Social opportunities for your child to be with other children 
  • Respite care Finding a parent support group 
  • Coordination in working with other agencies in the community 
  • Sharing concerns and problem solving about your child and family 

Please let your therapist know if you'd like to schedule a meeting with our Case Manager.