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How to get hospice care

How Hospice Care Works

When life expectancy is six months or less or a patient has decided to no longer continue curative treatment, hospice care is the next step to consider. Although hospice care is a difficult subject to bring up, it is an appropriate and healthy discussion to have and it is never too early. It is better to know your options and make an informed decision before your condition becomes serious. 

Anyone can make a referral for hospice care and initiate the discussion, but it must be your doctor who confirms your prognosis with the hospice medical director. Once the prognosis has been confirmed, a hospice nurse will contact you to schedule a home visit within the next 24 to 48 hours or sooner if the need for hospice care is immediate. Your doctor will continue to be a part of your care, but in a coordinated care approach with your hospice team. They will do everything necessary to make this transition into hospice care as easy and comfortable as possible for you and your family.

Hospice fees are covered by Medicaid, Medicare, and most insurance plans. However, no one will be denied hospice care based on an inability to pay.

The hospice staff at UnityPoint Hospice is a knowledgeable and caring group of individuals who will do everything necessary to help you during this time. No one should ever have to consider hospice care alone. Please do not hesitate to contact our location nearest you with any questions or concerns.