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Helpful information about grief

Helpful Information About Grief

The Journey Begins

  • How Do I Do This?  How Do I Grieve?
  • How Long Will I Grieve?

Talking About Grief

  • Talking With Others After Losing a Loved One
  • Telling Your Grief Story

Difficult Feelings

  • Loneliness
  • Guilt


  • Value of Solitude in Grief
  • The Many Layers of Loss

Facing the Unknown

  • Redefining Strength
  • The Value of Support Groups

Spirituality and Ritual

  • Spirituality and Grief
  • The Value of Ritual

The Many Faces of Healthy Grieving

  • Patience
  • Types and Styles of Grief

Maintaining Connections

  • Maintaining a Relationship with Your Loved One
  • Tangible Memories: Attending to Possessions

Engaging in the World

  • Creation and Creativity
  • Investing in Community

Claiming Your Power

  • Moving Forward, Not Moving On
  • Control

Finding Hope

  • Hope
  • Remembering Our Loved One