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Group Exercise Classes

Please visit our PWA Fitness Center Facebook page or the UnityPoint Health - Grinnell alert bar for class cancellations and updates due to inclement weather.

Space is limited for group exercise classes. Register with this link or call (641) 236-2999 to sign up. Email PWA or call (641) 236-2999 with questions.

Aquatic Fitness - Coming Soon!

Make a splash on your fitness journey. This program offers two classes to meet your needs. The Calm Waters class will focus on movement and range of motion and will have lower joint impact. The Wild Waters class will provide more intensity and will focus on raising your heart rate optional jumping. Try them both out to see which one fits you best.

Light and Fit

Want to ease back into weight training? This is a great class for those who want to start a program or maintain their muscle tone. Similar to power pump, but at a softer pace.

Gentle Yoga

A slow flowing yoga class that is welcoming to all. This class uses props and modifications to ensure a safe and comfortable practice. Chair modifications are available. No previous yoga experience necessary.


This indoor cycling workout is a great cardio builder for all fitness levels. Each rider is allowed to adjust their bike tension to make it "their ride." This class allows the new-to-fitness to ride alongside the veterans riders. Try all the different class times to find the perfect match of instructor and class participants.

Check out the class schedule.

Call Wellness Services at (641) 236-2999 or email for more information or membership application.