Supporting Our Caregivers

Meriter Foundation

Supporting our Caregivers as they Care for Patients and Families

As natural caregivers, it can be a challenge for healthcare team members to balance patient-centered care and their own, personal wellbeing. The legacy of care excellence at UnityPoint Health – Meriter endures through a professional practice model centered around our caregivers and team members:

Shared Values and Culture

Our culture is built upon team member empowerment; open communication; championing excellence; dedication to professional growth; a heightened commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI); and more.

Equipping Caregivers with the Tools and Training Needed to Handle Situations Unique to a Healthcare Environment

This support includes de-escalation training, management of abusive behavior (MOAB training), trauma-informed care, LGBTQ+ sensitive care training, crucial conversations cultural sensitivity training and more.

Caring for the Physical, Psychological, Social, Spiritual and Emotional Health of our Caregivers

This care includes free, ad hoc mental healthcare appointments; Code Lavender (a holistic care rapid-response program to help caregivers in need of a calming influence after a stressful situation, such as a difficult diagnosis or the loss of a patient); and continuing education crucial in handling trauma and supporting staff resiliency—vital in a healthcare setting where emotions can run high.