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Meet our Team

Your doctors will work closely with our highly-skilled and caring staff that has extensive experience to meet your cancer care needs. Our cancer team of experts includes the following:


Radiation oncologist

A doctor with advanced training, experience and education, on the use of ionizing radiation to treat cancer. They prescribe the dose of radiation, how treatments will be given and closely monitors the progress of treatments. They work closely with other physicians and technicians as part of the multi-disciplinary cancer team.

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Robert J. Isaak, MD, PharmD
Medical Director
  Nick Loudas, MD
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 Samuel Schroeder, MD   Arshin Sheybani, MD

Radiation therapists

Therapists will work with you every day during your radiation therapy sessions. They will administer your prescribed dose of radiation using a linear accelerator. They use advanced imaging technology to provide accurate delivery of treatments and work closely with the radiation oncologist to monitor the effects and progress of your treatments.

Medical physicists

Physicists ensure the safety and accuracy of the radiation therapy equipment. They perform regular quality assurance checks and calibrations, as well as verifying all treatment plans prior to beginning treatments.

Medical dosimetrist

Dosimetrists work closely with your radiation oncologist, using the information acquired in the simulation, to design a treatment plan specifically for you, allowing the cancer to be treated with minimal harm to normal tissues.

Radiation nurse

The nurse provides oncology-specialized nursing care during radiation treatments and consults with you regularly about treatments and works with the radiation oncologist to manage side effects.


Cancer Care Coordinators

The role of the care coordinator is to support you and your loved ones during the cancer diagnosis, through treatment and beyond. Our care coordinator nurses have backgrounds in oncology. They assist with scheduling appointments, connecting you with supportive services, helping you understand the disease process and ensuring you and your family has the information and support you need. Your care coordinator is here to listen and offer emotional support to you and your support team.

Social worker

An oncology certified social worker provides support for you and your team of caregivers. This includes helping with a cancer diagnosis, treatment and survivorship; alleviating caregiver stress; helping children/teens better understand cancer; connecting you with community resources and assisting with financial issues.

Exercise specialist

An exercise specialist assists with maintaining or regaining strength, stability and overall physical wellness. Individualized plans are developed according to current health needs and current treatment plan. Sessions can be one-on-one or small group settings

Cancer Risk Assessment Counselor

An advanced registered nurse practitioner specializing in cancer and genetics provides you and your family with cancer risk assessment screening, genetic counseling and testing, and will help you and your support team understand the medical and psychological issues of having an inherited cancer. You will also be educated on how genetic cancers affect the rest of your family.

Oncology Certified Dietitians

Assess your nutritional status and designs a nutrition plan to meet your needs. They offer counseling and support to help reduce side effects, and provide information on developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Offers spiritual support to you and your family. Assesses faith related concerns such as loss of hope, loss of meaning in life and feeling disconnected.

Certified Sex Therapist/Body Image Specialist

A certified counselor is available to meet with you regarding body image or sexuality concerns. She will have you address how you are feeling about your body and changes that may have occurred, improving communication with your partner, and to explore your need for lifelong emotional connections to others.


Assist you and your family to work through the challenges that can come from a cancer diagnosis. These challenges can have a significant effect on everyone involved. A referral can be made by your cancer care coordinator or your oncology certified social worker.

Our team also includes several additional members such as massage therapists and certified Reiki and Reflexology professionals.

Along with Yoga, Tai Chi, Zumba and Pilate's classes, the Community Cancer Center consistently offers new programs and services that are beneficial to you, your family and friends. Periodically, different programs such as music therapy, art therapy, cooking demonstrations, or mind-body skills groups are offered to support the physical and emotional needs of you, your family and friends.

Visit to view class schedules and sign up for our monthly newsletter. You can also contact your cancer care coordinator for more information at (319) 558-4876.