What if baby is too sleepy or refuses to nurse?

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What if my baby is too sleepy or refuses to nurse?

  • Very common in the first 24 hours of life.
  • Take baby's clothes off, change their diaper to wake. Put baby skin to skin to smell the breast.
  • For the first few days you may need to wake them to feed if they are still sleeping by 3 hours from the last day feeding and 4 hours at night.
  • If baby still won't eat, allow baby to sleep another hour and try again to wake and feed them. When you are in the hospital, call the nurses for help if baby still will not nurse.
  • If you are at home and baby still will not wake up to feed and has missed 2 feedings, pump your breasts and feed baby your pumped milk or formula with a slow flow nipple. (at home give ┬Ż to 1.5 oz range = 15-45ml).
  • Call your baby's doctor & report this if it continues for 2 or more feedings.

Please call Allen Hospital's Lactation Consultant with questions at (319) 235-3620.