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Books for Children:

A Very Touching Book (Jan Hindman, 1985)

This book is for all ages and uses humor to teach children about their bodies, privacy, and what to do about inappropriate touching.

Charlie’s Heavy Backpack (Jodi Hassler and MaryAnn Kildebeck, 2005)

This audio book for ages 4-12 teaches how difficult life can be when asked to keep a secret and that it is not any child’s responsibility to protect and adult by keeping a secret.

Do You Have a Secret? (Jennifer Moor Mallinos, 2005)

This book helps children ages 4-7 learn which secrets should be shared with a grown-up.

I Told My Secret (Eliana Gil, 1986)

This book answers questions kids (ages 3-8) have after they are abused and includes issues like self-blame, secrets, telling, rejection, trust, being removed from their home, going to court, and seeking help.

It Happens to Boys Too (Jane A.W. Satullo, M.A. Robert Russel, and Pat A. Bradway; 1987)

A book that can be read by boys and their parents that talks about how sharing information with a caring adult is the best way to help victims.

My Body Is Mine, My feelings Are Mine (S. Hoke, 1995)

This is a body safety storybook for children ages 5-9 that includes a safety quiz for kids and important information for parents.

My Body is Private (Linda Walvoord Girard, 1992)

This book teaches kids that their body is their own personal space and no one should touch them without permission.

Someone in My Family Has Molested Children (Eliana Gil and Jeffery Bodmer-Turner, 1994)

This is a book for kids whose mom, dad or relative has molested children.

What’s Happening to Me? Illustrated Guide to Puberty (P. Mayle, 1975)

This book discusses mental and physical changes that take place during puberty.

What’s the Big Secret - Talking about Sex with Boys and Girls (L.K. Brown and Marc Brown, 1997)

This book is for ages 3-8 and promotes dialogue between kids and parents about sex.

Books for Parents:

Children Who Molest (Eliana Gil, 1987)

This book gives parents the basics on children who molest, answers common questions parents have, and directs parents to resources about children who molest.

Helping Your Child Recover from Sexual Abuse (Caren Adams, Jennifer Fay, and A.G. Fawkes; 1992)

This book has examples to help parents know what to say in a variety of situations such as when everyone knows, when confusing feelings arise, grieving the loss, and appropriate boundaries for your family.

Let’s Talk About Sex (S. Gitchel and L. Foster, 2005)

This book coaches parents on how to talk to their 9-12 year old children about sex and how to communicate their sexual values to their children.

Protect Your Child from Sexual Abuse: A Parent’s Guide (Janie Hart-Rossi, 1984)

This book contains facts about abuse, key phrases children use to resist uncomfortable touch, and specific activities to be done with children to reduce the likelihood of abuse.

When Your Child Has been Molested (Kathryn B. Hagans and Joyce Case, 2004)

This book covers a variety of topics including common reactions by parents, possible signs of sexual abuse, information on the investigative process, and the healing process of family and friends.

Books for Teens:

How Long Does It Hurt: A Guide to Recovering from Incest and Sexual Abuse for Teenagers, Their Friends, and Their Families (Cynthia Mather and Kristin E. Debye, 2004)

This book speaks directly to teen victims on sensitive issues including internet sex crimes and helps them over come their feelings of isolation, confusion and self doubt.

If I Tell (S. Marcy Webster, 2007)

This book is narrated by a teen who was sexually abused by a family member and her conflicted feelings related to telling about the abuse.

Invisible Girls: Truth About Sexual Abuse (Patti Feuereisen and Caroline Pincus, 2005)

This book weaves together powerful first person narratives with gentle guidance and seasoned insight to give girls the courage to heal.

The Me Nobody Knows - Guide for Teen Survivors (B. Bean and S. Bennett, 1997)

This book communicates openly and honestly with teens who have been sexually abused.