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Events & Training

Community Presentations

Allen Child Protection Center (ACPC) staff provide presentations about the ACPC to community organizations, groups, and any other interested party who wish to know more about our services for fundraising or awareness purposes. Presentations include an overview of our services, information about the children and families we serve, and ways the community can become involved in our vision to end child abuse.

For more information or to set up training sessions and presentations, please contact the ACPC at (319) -226-2345.

Protecting Your Children: Advice from Child Molesters

This presentation educates parents, youth service staff, educators, community volunteers, and faith-based communities about child sexual abuse, sex offender behavior, effective risk management, and prevention strategies. Workshops debunk the myth that children are capable of protecting themselves from determined offenders and promote the idea that all adults must take an active, well informed role in promoting child safety. Information about offender grooming behavior, Internet crimes, victim advocacy, reporting, sexual behavior between children, and talking to children about child sexual abuse are covered. Potential project benefits, such as jury education, and early intervention with potential offenders, are expected.

Minimal Facts Interviewing

Minimal facts interviewing training teaches professionals likely to receive a report of child abuse how to appropriately gain information from the child without compromising the investigation. Participants will learn to do's and don'ts associated with interviewing children, how their information is applied to the investigation, information about child protection centers, and risk factors and warning signs for abuse. The training is taught by trained forensic interviewers and is based on knowledge of child development and participation in child abuse investigations.