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Congratulations to the Allen Child Protection Center for being awarded re-accreditation by the National Children's Alliance.

Child Protection Center

The Allen Child Protection Center (ACPC) provides immediate assistance for children or dependent adults who may be victims of abuse, or have witnessed a violent crime. The ACPC uses a multi-disciplinary team approach and works closely with the Department of Human Services and law enforcement. The center provides forensic interviews, medical examinations, family advocacy services, and mental health counseling.

Referrals to the Allen Child Protection Center are made through the Department of Human Services, law enforcement, and medical providers. The center's staff are happy to answer questions and provide more information to individuals or community groups. Please contact the ACPC for more information. If you have a suspicion of child abuse, contact the Department of Human Services.

The Allen Child Protection Center first opened its doors in May 2010 for forensic interviews. In July 2011, the center started conducting medical examinations. The center continued to grow and in October 2012, the ACPC received accreditation from the National Children's Alliance. In 2017, the ACPC was re-accredited under new, rigorous standards. The center has a Mental Health Therapist who has specialized training in evidence-based mental health treatment methods to help patients and families. Also in 2017, the center opened a satellite location in Cerro Gordo County to provide services for families in northern Iowa closer to their home.

In its first three years, the Allen Child Protection Center has experienced tremendous growth. From 2010 to 2011, the ACPC provided services to just over 300 children and their families. The center continues to grow. In 2016, Allen Child Protection Center provided services to nearly 500 patients and their families