DAISY Award: Kim Kuehner

DAISY Award: Kim Kuehner

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DAISY Award Recipient Kim Kuehner

Kim took care of a patient who had fallen at home. She took care of this patient throughout the weekend and developed a rapport with the patient, his wife, and daughter.

The patient went to surgery and after surgery developed some complications. Kim spent a lot of time throughout her shift communicating with doctors, the patient, and updating the patient’s family. She continued to be concerned about her patient and advocated for him by informing the doctor of her concerns. The patient was transferred to the ICU. Kim went to visit the patient and his family when he was in ICU the next day and spent a lot of time visiting with the patient’s wife. After a few days, the patient was transferred back to 4 Surgical and Kim was able to care for the patient again. At this point, the patient was “ready to give up” and Kim discussed options with the patient and once again, advocated for him by getting palliative care involved. By the time Kim came back for her next shift, the patient had been discharged and she was unaware of his disposition.

Shortly after, a thank you card arrived at the nurse’s station addressed to Kim from this patient’s family. The card thanked her for all the care she provided for the patient, especially when he was “ready to give up.” The patient ended up being discharged to skilled nursing and has recovered. Kim’s critical thinking helped get this patient the care he needed. The time she spent with the patient and his family helped make their stay at Allen Hospital positive.

Kim is an expert clinician, anticipating patient needs and working to meet those needs before the patient even expresses them. This situation is a great example of how she advocates for her patients to be in the right place, given their clinical situation. Kim is a great leader on the floor. She’s approachable and warm, always answering questions from her peers without making anyone feel ashamed for asking. Her sense of humor and “can do” attitude inspire her co-workers. The care Kim provided contributed to the positive outcome this patient experienced.