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Bast Family Doubly Impressed with Allen's NICU

by -

Justin and Todd Bast with their children, Davis and Von

Both of Justine and Todd Bast’s children have spent time in the NICU at UnityPoint Health – Allen Hospital.

With Justine pregnant for a third time, and the couple now living in Des Moines, you might expect them to deliver closer to their new home.

On the contrary, the Basts simply feel most comfortable at Allen Hospital.

“Oh my gosh, we loved our experience with the NICU here,” said Justine at this year’s NICU Reunion, which was a costume party two days before Halloween. “I’m expecting again, and we live in Des Moines now, but we’re actually coming back to this hospital. We loved the staff. They were amazing.”

The Basts should know. Von was born at 33 weeks via C-section and spent time in the NICU. In addition, Justine endured complications of HELLP Syndrome and placenta previa.

“When I had Von, it was very difficult,” Justine said. “I had absolutely no clue what was going on, and the nurses just came in and they were just amazing. They were like, ‘Mama, everything’s OK. You are going to get through this. He’s doing great.’”

One memory stands above the rest for Justine. On one of the few occasions she left the hospital to go home, she received a call from one of the NICU nurses.

“She told me, ‘Justine, he’s doing amazing! He took his first bottle without any issues,’” she recalled. “It was just really nice that they showed a lot of that personal touch.”

Eighteen months later, Davis was born with Respiratory Distress Syndrome and spent 28 days in the NICU. He was one of the first children to go through Allen Hospital’s music therapy program.

“I remember all the updates we got from the doctor, and then the constant care the nurses always showed,” said Todd. “If there was a problem, they’d tell you. Or if you needed help doing something, they were always right there next to you to lend a hand.”