Volunteer Spotlight: The Gift of Giving

Volunteer Spotlight: The Gift of Giving

Eddie Johnson is used to giving, serving his country during the Korean War for eight years in the navy, which included seven battle engagements, and now 17 years as a volunteer at Allen Hospital. 

As deservedly proud as Eddie is of his military service, he hasn’t gone on an Honor Flight. One of his sons works for an airline so Eddie can fly free anytime. Because of this, Eddie says he won’t take a seat on an Honor Flight from another veteran.

After hearing about his service and his reason for not taking an Honor Flight, fellow Allen Hospital volunteer, Sandie Nunemaker, wanted to do something special for Eddie. She had a mission for her quilting group, the Keepsake Quilters Guild — Eddie must have a quilt. Not just any quilt, but a one-of-a-kind quilt, made of patriotic fabric that helps to express the gratitude felt for someone who has served to protect our freedom. 

Thank you to Eddie and all UnityPoint Health – Waterloo veterans for their service to our country and to Sandie and her quilting guild for their service to honor them.

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