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DAISY Award: Shaunda Miller

Shaunda Miller, RN, BSN nomination:

We would like to nominate Shaunda Miller for the Daisy Award. We feel that she is an exceptional case manager for 4-Medical. At times, I do not feel that in her role she receives the recognition that she deserves for the amount of work that she does for our patients. She is an anchor for our unit in making sure that every patient's needs related to their plan of care and discharge are being met.

Shaunda exemplifies the values of our organization each and every day. There are so many ways that she owns the moment through her patient interactions. She takes the opportunity to make the most of every interaction with a patient and their family, seizing her opportunities. She sits down at the bedside with numerous patients and families every day and provides them with education and tools that they need to be successful with their healthcare plan and needs and answers any questions that they may have.

Shaunda is very focused on being an advocate for the patients that she meets. Some examples of ways that she has done this in the past include encouraging patients to advocate for themselves in their home environment by making the signs to post in their homes that say “thank you for not smoking” as an example for those patients that have respiratory issues. It allows them to stand up for their health care needs and gives them a voice. 

She has developed calendars for patients and included their follow-up dates to remember so they stay on track with follow-up care after discharge in order to stay out of the hospital and prevent readmission. 

She also advocates for patients related to their financial resources and ensures that the plan of care that we have recommended as health care professionals aligns with their ability to afford to manage that plan of care. If not, she reaches out to community services that they may be able to use to help them and if that is not an option she researches cost for the patient and then provides feedback to a physician to look for other medication or treatment options that may work instead and that the patient can afford.

She knows that in order for a patient to be successful and compliant with their treatment, that cost is a concern. They will not adhere to a plan they cannot afford and Shaunda advocates for those patients and finds alternative plans whenever possible.

In being this voice and a patient advocate, some days it is a very thankless job and patients or families may be upset by the recommendations that she feels in her heart give the patient the best chance to succeed. However, at the end of the day, we feel that Shaunda has given everything that she can to help a patient succeed and she has done the right thing with the recommendations that she makes and the encouragement that she provides.

The staff of 4-Medical is so appreciative of the great care and knowledge that she provides to the patients and families on our unit. She does an excellent job of collaborating with all disciplines on the unit in order to ensure that we have the best plan of care possible for each of our patients. Shaunda cares for her co-workers as well. She always cheers up anyone having a bad day and makes everyone feel like they are part of the team. We would not be the same team without her.