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Meaningful Relationship Cornerstone of Care

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Dr. LaFleur’s personable approach appreciated by her patients    

There are few relationships more defined by trust than that of patient and physician. From preventative care through timely treatment for illnesses and injuries, a meaningful patient-provider relationship is filled with the open and honest exchange of information, a bit of give and take, and plenty of practical advice.

In Shauna LaFleur, M.D., Sioux City resident Marit Westrich has found her perfect match.

“She is so very personable and takes the time to listen about whatever is going on in my life,” says Westrich, who has been a patient of Dr. LaFleur for more than a decade. “I always feel like she cares about what is going on with me and what is going on in my household.”

Dr. LaFleur is a member of the team at UnityPoint Clinic Family Medicine – Sunnybrook. In addition to providing general care for acute illness and injuries, Dr. LaFleur has special interests in women’s health, including OB; chronic disease management; and more. She says that the relationship between provider and patient is special.

“I try to really get to know my patients and provide them comprehensive and compassionate care,” Dr. LaFleur says. “I enjoy working together with them to get the outcomes they want.”

Westrich says one specific experience speaks volumes about Dr. LaFleur’s approach.

“The second time we were pregnant, we were having twins, so we were referred to an OB to manage our care because it was going to be a little more complicated,” Westrich says. She and husband, Erich, have three children. The couple’s first pregnancy was managed by Dr. LaFleur. “But when we went into labor, Dr. LaFleur happened to be at St. Luke’s for another patient. She heard I was there and came to check on me. She just wanted to be there. That stuck with me.”

The visit didn’t come as a surprise for Westrich, but it was a personal touch that provided further evidence that Dr. LaFleur was invested in her wellbeing—and the wellbeing of her family.

“She really, truly cares about her patients,” Westrich says. “She makes the time in her schedule to go beyond what you are being seen for to be sure that she know what is going on in your life and how you are doing.”

Westrich says that Dr. LaFleur is also thorough in her examinations and explanations, taking special care to ensure information is easy to digest.

“I have total trust in her and I never feel like I am being dismissed,” Westrich says. “She takes everything seriously and has a way of explaining things in the kind of terms I understand. That is really important because it means I can be involved and informed in deciding on a course of action.
“I feel safe with her,” Westrich continues. “She’s so open and understanding and personable.”

Delivering that type of excellent care is important to Dr. LaFleur, who feels like she is living her dream.

“As long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to be a physician,” she says. “I love being able to get to know the whole family and care for each one of them.”

Dr. LaFleur is currently accepting new patients. To establish care, call UnityPoint Clinic Family Medicine - Sunnybrook at (712) 266-2700.