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Aging in Place: How to Stay in Your Home

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People spend their lives moving from place to place at different stages of life. Each is a bit more exciting than the last! However, did you stop to think about where you’ll spend the later years of your life? As we age, caring for a home and ourselves can become overwhelming and sometimes dangerous. If you’re like most people, you'll wish to remain in your home as long as possible before having to make a move to an assisted living facility. Here are a few tips to help you “age in place” when you are at a younger age.

Keep an Active Body

Like any machine, our bodies need regular exercise to keep things running smoothly. Creating a healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise at a young age will keep your body stay in shape well into your senior years. If you aren’t already a member at your local recreational center, consider trying it out! There are many classes available that you can help to maintain your physical fitness. Water aerobics, yoga and the use of stationary machines are all great low impact ways to get exercise!

Keep an Active Mind

Even though we all want to live in our homes as long as possible, living in an empty home can be mundane after some time. We need daily stimulation to keep our minds sharp in our later years. Create a schedule of activities that you can look forward to each day. If you’re able to venture outside of the home, meet a group of friends for coffee or lunch once or twice a week. Having social activity can keep you in touch with loved ones. If leaving the home is no longer an option, ask friends to take the time to visit and perhaps bring over lunch.

While socializing is a great way to help to stay in your home, time spent alone can have it’s benefits as well. Start a new hobby to keep your mind sharp on days spent alone in your home. Puzzles, crosswords, & knitting are all great activities to help keep your mind sharp even on the slowest of days!


Organization makes every stage of life easier, especially in your senior years. It isn’t just to make our mental tasks easier each day; it’s also going to help with physical tasks. Maybe you store your most frequently used coffee mug on the highest part of your cabinet. Move those items used most to lower shelves for easier access. Another way, to help organize, is by just letting go of unused items. It makes it easier to move around your home and to find things you need on a daily basis.

Eliminate Hazards in Your Home

When our eyesight begins to fade, and our mobility is weakened, remove things that could be considered hazardous to you in the future. One of the most common hazards in the home is something that may cause a fall. By removing or adding the following items from your home, you’ll help prevent future accidents and falls.

  • throw rugs
  • shaggy carpets
  • move electrical cords
  • replace old stairway rails with a sturdier option
  • add nightlights to hallways
  • use shower chairs 
  • add non-slip mats in and out of your bathtub 
  • install handles in the bathroom 

Home Medical Equipment

Along with things you can do to help make daily life easier, consider reaching out to the experts at UnityPoint at Home for assistance with things that may be out of your control. Home Medical Equipment Services provides medical equipment, products and services and a trustworthy team of experts to help make your home livable for years to come. Available 24 hours a day our comprehensive care includes:

  • Personalized plan of care for each individuals
  • Training with each patient to use equipment properly and who to reach in case of an emergency
  • 24 hour service and maintenance on equipment
  • Handling of all billing through Medicare and your insurance

These services and more are just part of the reason UnityPoint at Home is a great choice!