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MyUnityPoint - Clinic-Based Secure Patient Messaging

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The MyUnityPoint patient website gives you secure online access to your health information and tools to help manage your health. One of the most powerful aspects of MyUnityPoint is secure patient messaging. Secure patient messaging allows you to:

  • Request a medication refill
  • Ask a question about your lab results
  • Ask a question about your symptoms, treatment plan or medications
  • Request an appointment
  • Provide information your care team has requested (such as blood pressure, weight or blood sugar level)
  • Ask any non-urgent questions or concerns
  • Provide information or ask questions about your child’s health*

*Proxy access allows you to see health information for your children age 11 and under, and for your children age 12-18 with legal documentation of durable power of attorney.

Confidentiality is our primary concern. Secure messaging is private and secure and can only be accessed with your username and password. You may expect a response to your secure patient message within one to two business days (not including weekends). You can also reply to a secure message when one has been sent to you by a healthcare provider.

MyUnityPoint should not be used for urgent medical needs. For medical emergencies, always dial 911.

For any technical questions about MyUnityPoint, you may e-mail or call (877) 224-4430 during business hours.

If you would like to initiate a conversation using secure patient messaging, log into MyUnityPoint and follow the steps below:

MyUnityPoint - FollowMyHealth Patient Website:

  • Once you have logged into MyUnityPoint (FollowMyHealth), click on “Send a Message” at the left of the very top navigation bar.
  • In the drop down box, select the healthcare provider to whom you wish to send a message.
  • Give your message a subject.
  • Write your message.
  • Click on “send” to send your secure message.

Visit to learn more about secure patient messaging, or ask a member of your clinic’s care team.