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The Heart of Family Medicine

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The Heart of Family Medicine
The saying, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" is especially true when applied to care from your family medicine doctor. Preventative care and early detection of disease are important to living a healthy, productive and long life.

It’s vital for any family to realize the importance of preventive care and the Young family takes the practice to heart. In this family, medicine truly is a ‘family practice.’ Steven Young himself, his father, his brother and brother-in-law all practice medicine and now three of his six children are following in their footsteps, as well.

The Young Legacy in Family Medicine

Dr. Young family medicine UnityPoint in IowaFor Steven L. Young, M.D., a physician with UnityPoint Clinic Family Medicine - Mt. Vernon, all of this will come full circle this September when his oldest daughter, Rachel, begins working in the same organization he’s worked for since 1986 – UnityPoint Clinic.

Rachel (Young) Overton, who is currently finishing her residency in family medicine in Lacrosse, Wisconsin, will begin her practice at UnityPoint Clinic Family Medicine - West Des Moines. She says her journey into family medicine, and into the same organization as her father, seemed almost inevitable.

“I think I absorbed a lot, subconsciously, growing up,” Overton said. “There were always patients and friends who would come up to him (my Dad) in the off-hours or at church, so I think the mentality that he was a community physician was obvious, but not overemphasized.”

Remarkably, the lineage of family doctors won’t end with Overton. Dr. Young’s youngest daughter is also pursuing medicine and hopes to be a psychiatrist, while his oldest son is applying to nursing schools.

The Evolution of Family Medicine

Over the past several years, family medicine has undergone a major shift from reactive to preventive care, making it even more important for families to be aware of all the potential gains from catching things early. In fact, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports chronic diseases, such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes, claim seven out of every 10 lives in the United States each year – many of which could have been prevented through consistent annual care from a family medicine doctor, like Dr. Young.

With a family medicine practitioner on your side, you have a partner to help you guide and manage your health. Like Dr. Young, every primary care physician at UnityPoint Clinic is devoted to providing the best care for each individual patient. Not only is your family medicine physician a great resource for preventive care, but the more often you see them, the more valuable a resource they become to your family. Your doctor will have an extensive insight into your health history when irregular symptoms — physical or emotional — point to potential ailments or conditions. Find a family medicine doctor today to schedule your annual exam.