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Happy Nurses Week

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A good nurse, you just can't thank enough.

But during Nurses Week, especially, we try.

It's May 6 through May 12, coinciding with the birthday of Florence Nightingale – arguably the most famous nurse. Well, other than maybe your nurse.

Whether in the hospital, at a clinic or even over the telephone, you've likely encountered at least one nurse who has provided you great care, valuable education or much-needed comfort.

A good nurse makes a difference – to the patient, as well as to the patient's family.

Nurses spend more time with a patient than anyone in a healthcare setting does. So they are best suited to provide updates to family members and explain what things mean. Sometimes it's the seemingly simple acts, such as showing empathy, people appreciate most.

A caring personality along with a wealth of knowledge and clinical skill are what make nurses so special.

To all of our nurses: Thank you.

We should probably stop and say it more often, but we know you've got a lot to do.