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Live a Healthier, Happier and Purpose Filled Life!


How many of you would like to live a healthier, happier and purpose filled life? Why is your health and daily well-being important to you? September is “Healthy Aging Month” so I wanted to focus our attention this month on reminding everyone of The Blue Zones Project®. This community wide effort, transforms the environment in which we work, live and play to be happier and healthier.

According to the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index for 2015, Iowa is currently ranked as 14th for well-being, Nebraska ranks at 20th and South Dakota is leading our tri-state efforts in 6th place.

In January of 2013, Sioux City was chosen as a Blue Zones Project® demonstration site and we received our Blue Zones Project® certification as a Blue Zones Community in August of 2015. To become certified as a Blue Zones Community®, we are required to have 20% of Sioux City residents take the personal pledge by completing the Vitality Compass® and one pledge action.

There are many ways to complete your pledge action. Here are some examples:

Move Naturally:

  • I will get a bicycle (or clean and repair my current bike) and use a bicycle helmet.
  • I will buy or adopt a dog (or if you already own a dog, walk them regularly).
  • I will grow and care for a garden.

Right Outlook

  • I will attend at least four worship services in the next 90 days.
  • I will volunteer at least once during this Blue Zones Project®.
  • I will discover my purpose.
  • I will learn a new hobby.
  • I will designate a space in my home for quiet time, meditation and prayer.
  • I will read “The Blue Zones,” “The Power of Purpose,” “The Blues Zones Solution,” or “Mindless Eating” book.

Eat Wisely

  • I will grow and care for a garden.
  • I will add more fruits, vegetables, and plant-based proteins such as nuts, beans and seeds to my weekly menu.
  • I will stock my kitchen with 10-inch plates and tall, narrow glasses.
  • Say, I will stop eating when I am 80% full at mealtimes to help me control my appetite and not overeat.


  • I will join a “Moai” walking, purpose or potluck group that meets at least one time each week.
  • I will establish a “Family Dinner Night” three nights each week.
  • I will recruit a Blue Zones Buddy to encourage me and help keep me accountable to reach my health and well-being goals.


  • I will designate my home as a “Smoke-Free Zone.”
  • I will complete the Blue Zones Home Checklist.
  • I will complete the Blue Zones Kitchen Checklist.
  • I will complete the Blue Zones Bedroom Checklist.
  • I will complete the Blue Zones Tribe (Relationships) Checklist.

Action plan for next steps in our Blue Zones community of Sioux City to improve our overall well-being:

  • Go to today and sign up to be encouraged and inspired by Blue Zones Communities. Discover how you can get involved to live a longer, happier, healthier, and purpose filled life.
  • Visit the Blue Zones website,, and check out the Blue Zones Checklists; Home Checklist, Kitchen Checklist, Bedroom Checklist, and Tribe Checklist (relationships). Optimize your daily health and well-being at home and in your relationships!
  • Like and share the Blue Zones Facebook page for Sioux City Blue Zones Project and Blue Zones Project Iowa. Stay connected and share ideas from the Power 9 across our community and learn about the 15 communities across Iowa that are certified.
  • Read “The Blue Zones Solution” the newest book by Dan Buettner. Learn how to maximize your daily well-being and vitality by eating and living like the world’s healthiest people.
  • Get involved by contacting Denise Salem, Community Coordinator for the Blue Zones Project in Sioux City, by emailing or calling her office at (712) 279-6119 ext. 2825.
Let’s all work together to make Sioux City, the Siouxland community, and the world, a vibrant Blue Zones Community. Somewhere you are proud to start and grow your business, raise your family and attend school, where each individual knows their purpose for living, with healthy and vital relationships, and where making the healthy choice is the easy choice at work, home, and play.