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Get Active without a Gym and Run

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Man running on sidewalk

While finishing a marathon may not be realistic for you, it is possible to take up running at any age.

Running improves cardiovascular health, promotes a healthy weight and strengthens bones.

Plus, it's an activity you can do with your friends or family, and exercising with other people can help you stick to a routine.

Willing to give running a try? Use these tips to get started smartly and safely.

Be realistic

Don’t push yourself too far or too hard as a beginner. Listen to your body, and stay at a pace and distance you’re comfortable with. Also, set attainable goals! Pledge to run a 5K race rather than a marathon in your first year. Get help from a couch-to-5K program or smartphone app.

Warm up

Do some light cardio or active stretching, such as jumping jacks, to get your muscles warm and ward off potential injury. Do your major stretching afterward; stretching cold muscles increases the chances that you might injure yourself.


Be sure to drink water before, after and even during your workout to ward off dehydration, particularly in the heat of summer.

Choose smooth terrain

Greenways and sidewalks are better for beginners than uneven trails. Running on an even surface reduces the risk of injury and stress on your joints.

Find your time

Run at whichever time is convenient and appealing for you. However, if you have arthritis, you may want to avoid running in the morning or evening when joints are stiffest and achiest.

Did you know?

Just 5 to 10 minutes of low-intensity jogging per day can extend your life by several years, a recent study found.

Is an old injury keeping you from running? Find a Doctor who specializes in Sports Medicine.