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For Sioux City woman, relationship with her family practice provider is of paramount importance

Lana Johnson isn’t afraid to pick up the telephone and call her provider when she isn’t feeling well. That’s because 65-year-old Johnson, who lives just north of Sioux City with husband Danny, knows that her call will be greeted with a listening ear, and her concerns met with a caring heart.

A patient of family practice provider Cindy Lewin, ARNP, for more than a decade, Johnson says Lewin makes her feel like the center of attention.

“I love everything about her,” Johnson says. “She listens to all my concerns, makes me feel very comfortable and she always tries to get to the bottom of what the problem is.”

Recently, Lewin was able to diagnose a condition for Johnson that others couldn’t figure out.

“I had a kidney stone and didn’t know it and I kept saying, ‘my back hurts, my back hurts’,” Johnson says. “I went to Cindy and she listened to my concerns and took an x-ray. It ended up being a kidney stone that was causing my back pain. She was the only one who took the time to find out what was causing the pain.”

Making the diagnosis allowed Lewin to make a referral to a urologist for more advanced treatment. It wasn’t long before Johnson was feeling better and returned to her normal activities. Johnson says finding a provider who makes you feel comfortable is worth its weight in gold.

“There are plenty of providers closer to my home that it would be a lot easier to go see,” says Johnson, who is a mother of three and grandmother of nine. “But I won’t do that. I am happy to drive further to see Cindy. To me, that relationship is worth my blood pressure spiking in the traffic getting to her office.”

Lewin practices at UnityPoint Clinic Family Medicine - Sergeant Bluff. Her interest in healthcare started when she was just a teen working at a nursing home. Lewin has been in nursing for more than 40 years, 25 of those as a nurse practitioner. She says nothing compares to being of service to patients in need.

“The best part of my day is when a patient comes in and tells me a problem has been resolved,” Lewin says, “and that I’ve helped them feel much better.”

That feeling of being cared for so personally, Johnson says, helps to build trust in the patient-provider relationship.

“I’m not afraid to admit that I may call the clinic a little too much with questions,” she says. “I’m kind of a thinker so if I’m not feeling right, I will give them a call. And they are so good at making me feel like they understand. Whenever I call, they are so responsive. Not just Cindy, but all of them.”

And as Johnson gets a little older and begins to feel aches and pains a little more often, she says she is put at ease knowing a provider she trusts is only a call away.

“It’s just good all the way around there,” Johnson says of Lewin and the clinic. “From Cindy and the nurses to the office gals and the front desk, everyone is just so good at making you feel welcome and comfortable.”