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Siouxland PACE continues to care for Siouxlanders during COVID-19

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Siouxland PACE, operated by UnityPoint Health – St. Luke’s is a Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly that has served the Siouxland area for 11 years. The program allows elderly individuals to live as independently and healthy as possible in their homes and communities through a full range of services.  And while the recent pandemic has changed the way these services look, the commitment to aging Siouxlanders has not changed.

“Until this pandemic, we’ve provided many of the services in the PACE Center, but our model has changed in the past 60 days,” said Randy Ehlers, Executive Director of Siouxland PACE. “We’re still here, and still providing services to our participants, it just looks a bit different these days. We’ve shifted to providing a majority of services in the participant’s home.”

Although the PACE Center isn’t seeing the number of participants within its facility as it typically does, they are still committed to providing care to all participants during this difficult and uncertain time. From telehealth visits with physicians, to laundry and food delivery, PACE staff are continuing to care for the Siouxland community.

"During this pandemic, we know that some individuals would not want us coming into their homes, so we’ve introduced a telehealth program, allowing our participants to stay on track with their health by keeping their appointments with our PACE medical provider. All of our participants are receiving phone and video calls from their medical providers, nurses, social workers, and other PACE Team staff," said Ehlers.

For those participants who still need in-home care, they receive it, with extra precautions in place. PACE staff screen participants for COVID-19 symptoms prior to arriving and wear necessary personal protective equipment (PPE). Meals are delivered from the PACE Center, medication setup and reminder calls are provided, recreation and socialization calls are provided, and personal care including bathing assistance are a few services that continue to be provided by PACE staff.

“We understand this is a very challenging time for not only our participants, but their caregivers and families as well,” says Ehlers. “We are here for our PACE participants and we will all get through this together.”

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