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UnityPoint Health Team Member Draws Inspiration from Family to Live Heart-Healthy


Candace Daiker, UnityPoint Health, knows heart disease runs in her family, and sadly, she’s lost loved ones too soon because of it. For Heart Month, Candace is sharing how she’s gained her passion for building a healthier lifestyle and encouraging others to do the same.

“This is my fourth year as a Heart Walk Captain and fifth year attending and raising money for the American Heart Association,” Daiker says. “My family is what truly inspires me, especially my nieces and nephews. I want them to see their aunt as a strong, healthy role model, so they can aspire to live the same kind of lives as they grow.”

Daiker hits the gym regularly, making it there between four and five times a week. Weight lifting is her activity of choice, but she also gets her heart rate up with high intensity interval training (HIIT) for at least 10 minutes per workout. Her enthusiasm for staying active also carries over into other aspects of her life, including work.

Candace Daiker
“I try to park far away at work and when I run errands. Normally, I avoid taking elevators and challenge my coworkers to take the stairs, too. If something comes up with a hint of exercise – even just running to fill someone's water bottle – I try to be the go-to gal,” Daiker says.

Daiker is dedicated to a healthy diet as well, but she also recognizes the importance of everything in moderation.

“Eating sweets is definitely my weakness, but I'd like to think I balance it out with the veggies and fruits I take in with my meals. In fact, I get made fun of more than you’d think for my baggies of spinach I have on hand,” Daiker says.

She firmly believes taking care of the body helps overall quality of life, and she happily offers advice to others looking to make a change in their lifestyle.

“I believe we should all build our bodies to be happy homes. After all, they are the only ones we get,” Daiker says.

Share your story about how you live heart-healthy! Big or small, healthy lifestyle changes can positively impact your overall health.