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Do You Know the Signs of Heat Illnesses?

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Stay Hydrated While Outdoors in Heat

High temperatures and humidity can make tending the garden or riding bicycles with your family potentially dangerous, particularly during the middle of the day. Keep an eye out for the following heat-related conditions:

Heat Cramps

These are painful sensations in the arms, legs or stomach that occur when the muscles lose salt after high-intensity activity in hot weather. Stop what you’re doing, find a cool place, stretch and sip water.

Heat Exhaustion

Dizziness, nausea, heavy sweating and a mild fever are typical symptoms of heat exhaustion. Rest and fluid replenishment may solve moderate cases, but severe episodes, which may include fainting, deserve immediate medical attention.


Sudden reddening of the skin, lack of sweat and a fever greater than 105 degrees indicate heatstroke, a medical emergency that requires a call to 911 or a visit to the emergency room.

Kids and heat

When it comes to dealing with high temperatures and humidity, your children are at a disadvantage compared to you. They absorb heat faster, sweat less and adjust to hot weather slower than adults do. Watch them for signs of heat-related illness, and encourage them to drink water.

If you or your child experience symptoms of heat-related illness, seek medical care. Visit UnityPoint Clinic to find an office or emergency room near you.