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Putting Fun in Fundraising: 10 (Super) Powerful Ways To Change a Child's Life


With the upcoming Miracle Treat Day on Thursday, July 28th and the Ride for Miracles this fall, we at UnityPoint Health - St. Luke’s Children Miracle Network wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your ongoing support and fundraising efforts. We also want to share with our families how much their community cares about them, and what we are all willing to do to help their children lead healthy and happy lives.

Kid-Friendly Fundraising Activities

Teach hard work, advocacy, and compassion to kids by helping them get involved in community fundraising. Further their efforts by offering to match all or part of the money they earned.

  • Bake Sale. School and neighborhood bake sales are a great way to sell donated cookies, pies, bars, and breads for a great cause. Make sure to advertise through the school newsletter, both to solicit goods and raise awareness.
  • Lemonade Stand. Summer is here, and people are thirsty. Set up your lemonade stand on a prominent (but safe!) corner. Don’t forget to tell people the reason for the stand—it makes a difference!
  • Garage Sales. Your old toys may not be worth much to you, but selling them could be an excellent way to raise money for kids who need it. Make it a neighborhood affair; the bigger the selection, the bigger the crowd!
  • Honey Dos. What sweeter way to raise money for children who need it than by offering to help others? Rake leaves, water plants, walk dogs, babysit—the list goes on for ways you can do work in exchange for donations.
  • Money Jar. It’s time to go for a money hunt! Prep a jar or container, and scour the house for loose change and dollar bills. The best places to look are in couch cushions, on bedroom floors, and in the laundry room. How much can you find?

For the most successful kid-friendly fundraisers in Siouxland, get the word out! We’re happy to help you advertise your garage, lemonade, and bake sales; just tell us when and where and we’ll add it to our social channels.

Corporate Fundraising Activities

Corporate giving is a great way to make a name for your company in the hearts of the community, and we are proud to offer many ways for our area businesses to contribute to our worthy cause.

  • Sponsorship of a Children’s Miracle Network event. Events like our golf invitational, Miracle Riders, and Caring for Kids Radiothon all benefit greatly from corporate sponsorship and offer the biggest exposure for doing so. 
  • Miracle Jeans Day. Who doesn’t like wearing jeans to work? We’re happy to help you organize a day in the office where a $5 contribution will “allow” the wearing of jeans during this fundraiser. You’ll see how being a superhero is as easy as putting on pants.
  • Super Power Potlucks. Host a company potluck party where employees can each contribute a dish to share, and pay a donation fee to sample all of their coworkers dishes. To turn up the fun, turn it into a contest and declare winners for the most original, the most creative name, and the best of show.

Children’s Miracle Network events

Our sponsored kids never stop fighting, and neither do we. We always have something going on at UnityPoint Health - St. Luke’s Children’s Miracle Network to help raise awareness and contributions for our various goals. 

  • Miracle Treat Day: This one is right around the corner, so mark your calendars and head to a local Dairy Queen on July 28th. DQ has agreed to donate $1 to Children’s Miracle Network for every Blizzard sold, so make sure you are hungry!
  • Miracle Riders: Our inaugural event will go from September 19th through September 30th, when our volunteer Miracle Riders brave the 4,500-mile trip from Sioux City to around the Great Lakes. We are looking for riders and sponsors for this amazing fundraiser. This will be one of our biggest fundraisers of 2016, and it has quickly become a community favorite. Help us make it a memorable trip!
  • 2016 Caring for Kids Radiothon: On September 29th and 30th, St. Luke’s Children’s Miracle Network will join forces with iHeartMedia stations KG95, Z-98, and KISS 107.1 to share the stories of families, doctors, nurses, and staff live from the St. Luke’s atrium. This event has raised over $1Million since it started 15 years ago, and it is a vital fundraiser in our attempt to meet the growing needs of Siouxland kids who are facing serious illnesses such as leukemia, Crohn’s disease, prematurity and lupus.

We’ve been so touched by the many creative ways Siouxland friends and families have used to raise money for the St. Luke’s Children Miracle Network. On behalf of the medical staff, the families, and some pretty amazing kids, keep up the great work!