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Your Family Medicine Doctor Provides More than Just Checkups

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If you are like many adults, the last time you visited your family medicine doctor was to receive treatment for an illness or condition in order to put you back on track to living the healthy and productive life you strive to live.

Though your family medicine doctor is equipped to offer comprehensive treatment and care, he or she is also here to provide ongoing, proactive care throughout each stage of life – so you can focus on staying healthy, rather than getting healthy.


Staying up-to-date on your immunizations is one of the most important preventative health measures a person can take. Assuming the immunizations you received as a child will protect you for the rest of your life can be harmful to your health and wallet.  Your family medicine doctor tracks and administers the appropriate immunizations, preventing serious, life-threatening illnesses and infections from affecting you and those around you.

Health Risk Assessments

Your family medicine doctor can conduct a health risk assessment to identify and evaluate all of the risk factors that may affect your chances of developing a wide range of diseases, including family health history, and make recommendations to help reduce your risk for a healthy future.

Screening Tests

Family medicine doctors provide a variety of important screening tests to detect irregularities and diagnose diseases early, when they are most treatable. Based on your risk factors, age and medical history, your family medicine doctor can recommend and conduct a number of screening tests, such as blood pressure, cholesterol, vision and more. 

Pregnancy Planning Education

If and when you decide to start a family, your family medicine doctor is an important resource to help ensure a healthy and safe pregnancy. During a pregnancy planning education appointment, your family medicine doctor will help identify any risks and make recommendations to boost your chances of growing a healthy family.

Family Counseling 

Not only does your family medicine doctor provide care for your family’s physical health, but he or she is also there to support your emotional health. Your family medicine doctor provides family counseling for a number of relational issues related to, but not limited to, marriage, parenting, grief and addiction.


Coordinated care means your primary care physician is at the lead of your health care. Though your family medicine doctor provides diagnostics and treatments for a wide range of chronic and acute conditions, he or she has the knowledge and expertise to make the right referral – if and when you require more specialized care.

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As the trusted provider of family medicine in Sioux City, Iowa, UnityPoint Health – St. Luke’s offers exceptional care, no matter where you are along your journey to optimal health and wellness. Get connected with one of our leading family medicine doctors, and gain access to comprehensive, proactive health care that works to ensure a healthy future for the whole family.