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Pregnancy Apps: The New Way to Approach Your Pregnancy

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Best Pregnancy Apps For Smartphones

It’s the new age of pregnancy, but what does that mean? Today, there are technologies available that weren’t before and they’re already in the palm of your hand. Smartphones allow a woman to have hundreds of apps on her phone (data willing), meaning she can keep track of her pregnancy all the way from conception to monitoring her newborn.

Best pregnancy apps

How Technology Plays a Role in Pregnancy

It comes as no surprise that technology has tapped into the pregnancy market. These apps can be beneficial to a woman on her path to, during and after pregnancy. For example, you can now put your appointments into a calendar, which will sync to your computer and send you notifications, ensuring you won’t miss or forget about an appointment.

Pregnancy apps have developed a niche in the health app market. According to a study done by Citrix, 47 percent of people using a mobile health app are using a pregnancy related application. A pregnancy app can’t help ease a woman’s labor pains, but they can do just about anything else!

Apps For Your Pregnancy

Apps for Conceiving

Pregnancy apps can be used long before you become pregnant. If you are trying to conceive, there are several apps that can help you keep track of your menstrual cycle, ovulation periods and more.

  • Period Tracker. This app allows you to track your period and when you are ovulating. The app creates a list of past periods, a predicted date for an upcoming period and your fertility windows. If your period is late, the app will provide you with notifications on how many days it’s been since you were supposed to be menstruating. 
  • Kindara Fertility. This app is every detail-oriented woman’s dream. Kindara Fertility breaks down your ovulation cycle and period and puts things into easy-to-read charts. The app also provides helpful tips, such as “maximize your chances of conception by having intercourse until ovulation is confirmed.” Kindara allows you to connect with others in a community forum if you have any questions or would like to discuss your path to pregnancy.

Apps for Pregnancy

Once you have conceived, you don’t have to stop the use of mobile apps. There are many apps that cover all aspects of a pregnancy.

  • BabyBump Pregnancy. This app comes packed with many useful features. It provides a personal countdown to your due date and provides new images of your baby each week of your pregnancy. Every week, the app provides details about your baby’s development, common symptoms you may experience and other bodily changes you can expect. 
  • I’m Expecting. This app allows you to see your baby’s growth and development throughout pregnancy by providing expectant mothers with weekly update videos. Have questions? With this app, there is a forum where moms can ask other mothers-to-be questions and find information about baby products. I’m Expecting provides a countdown within the app to a woman’s due date, along with a daily dose of cute baby pictures. 
  • Sprout. This app provides 3D images of your baby’s development, showing real-life interactive moments like kicking and movements. Sprout can help keep a pregnant woman organized during pregnancy and gives educational tools to help understand what’s happening and changing in her body.

Apps For While You’re in Labor

Uh-oh, the contractions are starting to become painful! Technology doesn’t leave you while you’re in labor. There are several pregnancy apps out there that can keep you in the loop while you’re in labor.

  • Pregnancy Contraction Timer. Are you worried about keeping track of your contractions? Let this app do it for you. The Contraction Time App helps you keep track of how long and how frequent contractions are. On top of that, this app can show at what time the contraction occurred. 
  • Contraction Monitor. This app is easy-to-use and can help you keep track of your contractions. When contractions begins, all a woman must do is hit a button and hit the same button when it ends. The app will log the start and end times, frequency, duration and intensity. The Contraction Monitor then puts all this information into a graph that’s easy to understand.

Apps for Your Newborn

Congratulations, you’ve had your baby! Although there is no app that will help you find time for a nap, there are plenty that will help you with your newborn.

  • Baby Feeding Log. This app is simple to use. Baby Feeding Log will help you keep track of your newborn’s feedings, diaper changes and their sleep. If you like looking at this information in the form of a spreadsheet, this app allows you to email information to yourself, a doctor or caregiver in a spreadsheet. Forget to record something? You can manually enter that information. 
  • White Noise Baby. Need a way to help your newborn sleep better? This app may be for you. White Noise Baby includes soothing sounds such as classical music, conch shells and even a car ride that your baby will love. This app even includes Baby Mode, which prevents your device from being interrupted, making sure your baby gets to sleep and stays asleep.
  • Total Baby. This app can keep track of all aspects of your baby’s life. Total Baby allows the app user to track diaper changes, nursing, sleeping, bath time, doctor’s visits, milestones and more. This app is universal, meaning it can be used across several different devices and hold unlimited amounts of data. 

Apps for Your Man

Guys, don’t think we forgot about you! You are a part of this pregnancy path as well and should be kept in the loop with what is happening with your baby.

  • mPregnancy. This app is aimed toward men with a pregnant partner. mPregnancy contains unusual facts on not only what is happening with the baby, but the changes you and your partner are experiencing. This app will describe the baby in terms that a man will understand, such as the baby is now similar to the size of a football.
  • Guys Guide to the Delivery Room.This app makes sure guys know what to expect when she is expecting. The Guys Guide to the Delivery Room gives men information about the different stages of labor, what happens in the hospital, how you can comfort your partner and more! 

UnityPoint Clinic is Here to Help you During Your Pregnancy

Even though apps can help guide you through your pregnancy, they can’t do it all and replace your doctor. UnityPoint Clinic has the latest technologies that will make sure you and your baby are healthy from conception all the way through birth and after.