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Teamwork and Experience make St. Luke's Heart Care the Highest Rated in Siouxland.

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When it comes to matters of the heart, more Siouxlanders turn to the award-winning team at UnityPoint Health - St. Luke's Cardiology Services and Cardiovascular Associates (CVA). And the reasons are clear:

Unparalleled experience. Coordinated, cutting-edge care 24/7 with the latest diagnostics and treatment. And award-winning results from the area’s top healthcare professionals.


As the region’s cardiology leader, St. Luke's Cardiology Services and CVA treat the majority of Siouxland’s cardiology cases and perform more than 90% of electrophysiology procedures in the Sioux City area. All of St. Luke’s cardiology services are performed by physicians of CVA, Siouxland’s longest established and only cardiology group to receive triple accreditation in vascular testing, nuclear cardiology and echocardiology. Dr. Deborah Majerus

“Having a group of physicians with such long-term experience is invaluable in the treatment of heart patients,” says Cardiologist Dr. Deborah Majerus, who joined CVA in 1998. “Our group includes a number of physicians who have lived here for 20 or 30 years and call this area home. We’re invested in the community and in our patients’ lives. That long-term connection is very important to patient care.”

Because of the physicians’ expertise, St. Luke’s door-to-balloon time for patients needing cardiac catheterizations is below the national average. This means seriously ill patients receive heart care faster due to the team’s experience and to the coordination of emergency care.


“We doctors couldn’t provide this level of cardiac care ourselves,” Dr. Majerus says. “It’s the teamwork at all levels that allows us to have such a good quality program and provide such excellent care.”

Dr. Majerus says all care team members play vital roles in helping heart attack patients heal, from interventional cardiologists and emergency room doctors and nurses to staff in St. Luke’s dedicated cardiac catheterization and electrophysiology labs, intensive care nurses, and members of ancillary departments. Key to caring for cardiac patients, she says, is what happens at patients’ bedsides in St. Luke’s Coronary Care Unit and on the outpatient level at St. Luke’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Services at Sunnybrook Medical Center. Cardiac Rehabilitation at St. Luke’s was recently certified by the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation (AACVPR), further recognizing the program as a leader in the field of cardiovascular care.

For patients outside the Sioux City area, St. Luke's Cardiology Services and CVA provide care in a dozen local hospitals at Iowa and Nebraska outreach locations, including echocardiography, stress tests, vascular doppler studies and Holter monitors.


St. Luke’s Cardiology Services and CVA continue to earn national recognition for their lifesaving care, including:

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