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Community Hospitals Offer a Place to Warm Up

UnityPoint Health – St. Luke’s and Mercy Medical Center – Sioux City are again offering area residents cold relief this winter as temperatures dip below freezing. The service is offered as a community benefit to provide a warm environment for those without heat in their homes.

St. Luke’s invites you to the Park View Café, located in the hospital’s lower level, to warm up. Quench your thirst at the free self-access water station or grab a bite to eat with a wide variety of options at a low cost.

During times of bitterly cold weather, those who need to warm up may come to Mercy's Café on the third floor of the south building. Mercy will provide free hot tea or coffee.

Taking preventive action is your best defense against having to deal with extreme cold-weather conditions. By preparing your home and car in advance for winter emergencies, and by observing safety precautions during times of extremely cold weather, you can reduce the risk of weather-related health problems.

During the winter, keep several days’ supply of these items available in your home:

  • Food that does not need cooking or refrigeration (bread, crackers, canned foods). Remember to have baby food and formula on hand if you have young children.
  • Water stored in clean containers or purchased bottled water (5 gallons per person) in case water pipes freeze.
  • Medicines that any family member may need.

Be sure to equip your car with several important items as well. The following are a few suggestions:

  • Blankets
  • First aid kit
  • Windshield scraper
  • Booster cables
  • Mobile phone
  • Cat litter

When the weather is extremely cold, and especially if there are high winds, try to stay indoors and make any trips outside as brief as possible.