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Child and Adolescent Services at UnityPoint Health

Child & Adolescent Services

Teen Parenting Program

The Teen Parenting Program is provided in Louisa and Muscatine counties and is a collaboration between the school districts and Trinity Muscatine Public Health. By providing pregnant and parenting teens support and counseling, teens are more likely to complete school and therefore more likely to become productive adults.

This program is funded by the Iowa Department of Human Services through a federal grant, the Muscatine Community School District and the United Way of Muscatine.

When teens become pregnant they, their children, and our community at large often pays a significant price, both in human and in monetary terms.

  • Births to teens have negative consequences for the mothers and their children. Despite the recent declines in overall birth rates to teens, the percentage is still too high. Births outside of marriage generally have more negative consequences for both mothers and their children. *
  • Teenage mother are less likely to complete school, less likely to go to college, more likely to have large families and more likely to be single - increasing the likelihood that they and their children will live in poverty. Negative consequences are particularly severe for younger mothers and their children. *
  • Children of teenage mothers are likely to have less supportive and stimulating home environments, lower cognitive development, less education, more behavior problems and higher rates of both incarceration (for boys) and adolescent childbearing. *
  • Sexual risk-taking has also resulted high rates of STI among teens. *
  • Monetary costs are also high. Teen childbearing cost taxpayers $9.1 billion in 2004. *

*The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy

By reducing the rate of teen pregnancy and subsequent pregnancies these negative consequences are also reduced. By providing the support for teens that are pregnant, these consequences may also be reduced.